Introducing Spacetop: A Screenless Augmented Reality Laptop


In recent years, virtual reality (VR) capable laptops have proliferated, giving users the mobility to explore rich virtual worlds on the go. To meet the demanding requirements of VR applications and games, these laptops are built with powerful hardware specifications. The first item in their portfolio, the screenless “augmented reality laptop” called Spacetop, has been … Read more

Meta’s Roadmap For VR Headsets Revealed

Meta VR headsets

Today, The Verge obtained the development roadmap of Meta’s augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) hardware for the next four years. It turns out that the company is going to launch its first smart glasses headset with a display in 2025. At the same time, it will release a neural interface smartwatch designed to … Read more

VIVE XR Elite Kit is the First XR All-in-one Machine

VIVE XR Elite Kit

Metaverse is here. So wait for more VR products in the near future. For instance, Apple will release its first product for this niche this year. It’s considered to be the next world-changing product after the iPhone. Anyway, before Apple makes its move, other companies are launching similar products one after another. For instance, the … Read more

Nreal Air Is Revoluationary AR Glasses, Starting At 2299 yuan ($336)

Nreal Air

Virtual reality and augmented reality products are becoming more and more popular. But honestly, they are not mature yet. probably, this is the main reason why they can’t compete with other products on the market, such as smartphones, projectors, etc. However, what if we say that recently, there was launched a product that combines glasses … Read more

Lenovo Legion VR700 All-in-one VR Headset Launched

Lenovo Legion VR700

A few years ago, no one could imagine that virtual reality would become the main direction for tech companies. Now, almost all bigwigs are working on their own VR headsets. Lenovo is among them, and at today’s conference, it released the Lenovo Legion VR700 all-in-one VR headset. The Lenovo Legion VR700 adopts a hat-wearing design. … Read more

Lenovo Legion VR700 VR Headset Is On The Road

Metaverse is around the corner. Very soon, the world we know will not exist. Everything we consider common will change. What we have seen in sci-fi films will turn into reality, well, into virtual reality. This is what we are talking about. All major tech brands are investing tons of money, time, and resources in … Read more

Sony PS VR2 Spotted In Spy Photo

The Philippines-based studio Bit Planet Games shared on Twitter the first real photo of the Sony PS VR2. At its CES 2022 keynote in January, Sony talked about the PS VR2 and its technical specifications for the first time. At the same time, the company confirmed the arrival of its PlayStation VR2 Sense console. In … Read more

Apple AR / MR Headset Introducion Needs A Separate Conference


Since the launch of the iPhone, Apple hasn’t released anything revolutionary. Of course, any product that comes under this brand becomes a best seller and a role model. But honestly, the iPhone was the first smartphone and it changed the world. Now, many people think the next step in the tech world will be taken … Read more