The Truth About Apple’s Vision Pro and Its Reduced Shipment Target

Apple Vision Pro

The minor iOS 17 upgrade seems to have been overshadowed by Apple’s recent launch of the Vision Pro headset at this year’s WWDC event. With a staggering $3,499 price tag, the Vision Pro is now officially Apple’s most expensive product ever. A small number of people have voiced their displeasure at the outrageous price, but … Read more

Google Pixel 8 leaks: Major improvements in camera performance

Google Pixel 8

Recent revelations from Android Authority claim that the exact specifications of the upcoming Google Pixel 8 have been leaked, suggesting that Google has invested heavily in computer photography to achieve remarkable image performance. Google has upgraded the Pixel 8 series to the GN2 sensor after four years of using the Samsung ISOCELL GN1 as the … Read more

GeekBench 6 test shows Apple M2 Ultra processor’s incredible graphics processing power

Apple M2 Ultra

Apple’s new Mac Studio and Mac Pro models are powered by the latest Apple M2 Ultra processor. GeekBench 5 benchmark tests have shown the chip’s strong single-core and multi-core performance. The test results show that the Mac Studio with the 24-core M2 Ultra chip delivers excellent single-core and multi-core performance. The M2 Ultra chip outperforms … Read more

How the ViewSonic X1000-4K+ Can Turn Your Living Room into a Movie Theater

ViewSonic X1000-4K+

The appeal of traditional TV has declined with the growth of OTT and digital platforms. However, the introduction of projectors has excited audiences. In particular, the ability of ultra-short throw projectors to create stunning images at close range, essentially turning walls or screens into a 100-inch TV experience, has piqued interest. The ViewSonic X1000-4K, an … Read more

The Rise of Google’s Pixel Phones in Japan: A Market Share of 33.8%

pixel 7a

According to BCN, Google overtook Sharp to take the top spot in market share in May, marking a significant milestone in the Japanese handset market. Strong sales of the Pixel 7a have helped Google reach new heights. According to BCN statistics, the Google Pixel series topped the Japanese Android smartphone market in May this year … Read more

Crossfire: Sierra Squad Takes Virtual Reality FPS to the Next Level

Crossfire: Sierra Squad

Today marks the official launch of Smilegate Entertainment’s highly anticipated virtual reality first-person shooter, Crossfire: Sierra Squad on Steam. The day of the game’s release has finally arrived, and people are excited to start playing. “Crossfire: Sierra Squad” will be available for the upcoming PS VR2 system and PC at the same time. It will … Read more

Tesla’s “Project Everest” targets 375,000 annual Cybertruck production rate


Tesla has reportedly told its suppliers that it has high production targets for its Cybertruck electric pickup trucks. The Cybertruck is expected to be produced at a rate of 375,000 units per year, with candidate models to be unveiled by the end of August. According to Tesla’s official website, deliveries of the Cybertruck are expected … Read more

New AI model can detect plagiarism in academic papers written using ChatGPT with 99% accuracy


Researchers at the University of Kansas recently identified a new testing technique that can accurately determine whether a paper was written using ChatGPT. This technique has an accuracy rate of 99%. Previously, anyone could enter some information and a letter asking for an academic paper, and ChatGPT would produce a document that looked authentic in … Read more

Why is Microsoft giving users the option to uninstall Chat?

Microsoft Team Chat

As a possible precaution against antitrust investigations by European Union authorities, Microsoft is said to be planning to allow customers to disable the “Chat” feature in Microsoft Teams for consumers through Windows Settings. This change has been found in Windows 11 previews and is expected to be released soon. While Chat can now be unpinned … Read more

Driving safely with Samsung’s Exynos Auto V920 chip

Exynos Auto V920

The Exynos Auto V920, a new automotive chip from Samsung designed exclusively for in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems, has just been unveiled. Samsung’s third generation automotive chip has many new features and enhancements. The Exynos Auto V920 processor will be used by Samsung and Hyundai in their 2025 car models. The processor has 10 cores and … Read more