Is Google’s Search Generation Experience (SGE) Failing to Meet User Expectations?


In May this year, Google unveiled Search Generation Experience (SGE), a new test feature that uses its AI technology to provide consumers with condensed search results. The intention was to eliminate the need for visitors to click through multiple websites to get direct answers from Google. SGE’s idea was to allow consumers to ask questions … Read more

Live Captioning, URL Typos Detection, and Faster Text-to-Speech: Google’s Small Changes with Big Benefits

Google Lookout

Google’s latest accessibility features are expected to have a big impact. In an update to its Lookout app for Android, Google is introducing an “image question and answer” feature powered by DeepMind’s AI. The creative update means the app can now describe each image in detail without the need for captions or alternative text. Users … Read more

Revolutionizing App Consistency Across Devices with Android 14: Google and Samsung Partner Up

Android 14 One UI 6

According to 9to5Google, Samsung and Google worked together to address inconsistencies in “foreground services and background work” between devices running the Android 14 system, resulting in OneUI 6.0. Some OEMs have gone as far as disabling background apps to improve battery life. As a result, programs were left running in the background for extended periods … Read more

Google Confirms Pixel Fold: A First Look at the Company’s Foldable Smartphone

Pixel Notepad

Google has officially confirmed the Pixel Fold, its first foldable smartphone, after leaks spoiled the surprise ahead of its planned debut at the Google I/O event next week. The device was announced via a video teaser uploaded to the company’s official YouTube and Twitter pages. ✨May The Fold Be With You✨ #PixelFoldMay 10 — … Read more

Android 14 Will Support Native WebCam and Satellite Communication Features

Android 14

Android 14 will be the latest addition to the world of mobile technology, and it has been designed to cater to the ever-growing needs of modern-day users. This system will come with innovative features and technological advancements that set it apart from its predecessors. Two of the most prominent among these are the integration of … Read more

Google Enters the AI ​​Arena Against ChatGPT

Google LaMDA

ChatGPT is currently the talk of the town. The AI-based language processing model is reportedly causing excitement around the world, with some companies even replacing their employees with the new software. Google is another strong contender in the field of artificial intelligence. According to CEO Sundar Pichai, Google could challenge OpenAI’s ChatGPT by letting users … Read more

5 Most Awaited Changes Of Android 14

Android 14

Google will begin rolling out the beta version of Android 14 to developers in the coming months. But insiders have already revealed some innovations of the update. If, in the previous versions, the main attention was paid to the design, we are expecting more internal transformations in the system coming this year. Here’s everything we … Read more

Google Will Disallow Update Outdated Apps

Android Malware

To help reduce the spread of potentially malicious software, Android 14 will begin to completely block the installation of apps that target older versions of Android. For many years, Google Play Store policies have insisted that Android developers constantly update their apps to support the latest features and security measures of the Android platform. For … Read more