China Overtakes Japan as World’s Largest Exporter of New Cars in First Quarter

Chinese cars

As new electric vehicles become more competitive, Chinese-branded cars are gaining favor in the global market. China overtook Japan to become the world’s largest exporter of new vehicles in the first quarter, a remarkable achievement. According to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, local automakers shipped 994,000 cars in the first quarter, up 70% year … Read more

Get Ready for the Next Level of Driving Recording: 70mai A810 4K Dash Cam Powered by Sony IMX678 CMOS

70mai camcorder

When 3D TVs first came out, I was one of those people who thought it was going to be mainstream. I even sold my kidney (kidding) and bought a big-screen TV with 3D support. But it took a couple of years for me to realize that this technology wasn’t going to go mainstream. Instead, people … Read more

Xiaomi Wireless Car Charger 30W Is What You Need

Xiaomi wireless car charger 30W

As more and more smartphones on the market support the wireless charging function, more and more users need in-car wireless chargers. This is a common thing for new vehicles. But the old ones usually do not come with such functionality. So we are suggesting a new product for this purpose, the Xiaomi wireless car charger … Read more

Mercedes-Benz Teams Up With Google To Make New Navigation System

Mercedes-Benz and Google

Earlier today, Reuters reported that German automaker Mercedes-Benz had signed a cooperation agreement with Google. The two parties will work together on navigation systems based on self-driving sensors in each vehicle. These sensors and software will provide “supercomputer-like performance” on the car. This will allow the German carmaker’s vehicles to compete with Tesla and new … Read more

Xiaomi Modena Design Drawings Have Been Leaked Online

Xiaomi must be approaching a vital stage in the production preparation for its first electric car, codenamed Modena. We have only just been treated to leaked photos of the car undergoing winter testing and now we can get our first look at the look of this electric vehicle. Let’s get to know this better. Xiaomi … Read more

BMW i5 Is Launching This Year Alongside New 5 Series

After the i4 and electric SUVs, the next electric BMW to be added to the Bavarian range will be the i5 this year – as the EV alternative to the new 5 Series. This official confirmation came from the Munich-based company’s sales director, Peter Nota, who stated that “with the launch of the BMW i5 … Read more

Toyota Cuts Its Car Production By 100,000 Monthly Due To Chip Shortage

chip shortage

With the growth of technology, the automobile industry can no longer do without microchips. In fact, the microchip has become a fundamental component of modern cars. These chips control almost everything from the engine to the door locks. But there is a problem. The global shortage of microchips has created a supply chain that is … Read more

Huawei Car Seat With HarmonyOS 3.0 Support Went On Sale

Huawei car seat

Last year, a popular Chinese car maker launched the AITO M5, targeting a smart luxury SUV. It was one of the first devices with the Huawei DriveONE pure electric drive range extension platform and HarmonyOS smart cockpit. At the end of July this year, the cumulative delivery of AITO M5 exceeded 26,348 units. Thus, we … Read more