Xiaomi Launched Smart Door Lock M20 With Improved Features

Earlier today, Xiaomi released a new smart door lock, which is based on the original Smart Door Lock M20 but comes with a larger screen. The latter also supports viewing range adjustment. The starting price of the new product is 1899 yuan ($277). You can already pre-order it. The poster shows that the smart door … Read more

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock E10 Went On Sale For 799 yuan ($113)

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock E10

Xiaomi knows how to make quality products. Moreover, it has products in over 600 categories. Among them, we can also mention smart door locks. The company has managed to launch myriads of products in this category. Today, a new model, namely the Xiaomi Smart Door Lock E10, went on sale. The pre-sale price is 799 … Read more

Xiaomi Launched New Smart Door Lock That Supports 7 Unlocking Methods

Xiaomi smart door lock

Today, following the schedule, Xiaomi launched a new smart door lock through its crowdfunding platform, Youpin. The new product supports up to 7 unlocking methods. The pre-sale price is only 1399 yuan ($200). This is unheard of for a product from this category. Of course, there are many smart door lock products on the market, … Read more

Huawei Smart Door Lock SE Doorbell Edition Coming On Sep. 6

Huawei Smart Door Lock SE Doorbell Edition

Once you switch to a smart door lock from a traditional door lock, you will never go back and use conventional door locks. They look sci-fi, they provide much better performance, and it’s very convenient to use them. At the same time, they do not fall behind traditional door locks in terms of safety. Smart … Read more

TP-LINK TL-SL31 Lite Smart Door Lock Launched


Smart door locks are very popular nowadays. The reason behind this is that the technologies used in them are already mature. So many companies can use them in their products. For instance, today, TP-LINK, which is basically known for its routers, released a new product dubbed the TP-LINK TL-SL31 Lite. The price is 599 yuan … Read more

EZVIZ Big Dipper Face Lock DL30F Smart Door Lock Is An

EZVIZ Big Dipper Face Lock DL30F

Usually, we do not talk about less-popular Chinese brands but this is not the case. Today, EZVIZ (we guess you haven’t heard about this brand before) held a new product launch conference and launched a new flagship smart door lock – EZVIZ Big Dipper Face Lock DL30F. The name might tell you anything but this … Read more

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock M20 Released, Starting At 1799 Yuan ($270)

Xiaomi smart door lock M20

Xiaomi has been always thinking not only about its customers’ health but their security as well. That’s why in its assortment of products, you can find many top-end smart door locks. Today, the company introduced a new one, namely the Xiaomi smart door lock M20. The latter costs 1,799 yuan ($270) and is already available … Read more

OPPO Smart Door Lock Officially Released

There are not many big names in the tech field that make smart home appliances. But Xiaomi and the likes have already proven that even traditional smartphone manufacturers can design good smart home products. Following Xiaomi, Huawei, and a few other similar brands, recently, OPPO released its first smart door lock. The company calls it … Read more

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro Supports Up To 7 Unlocking Methods

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro

Many think Xiaomi adds the word “smart” to any gadget and thanks to this marketing gimmick sells millions of units. For concrete cases and products, it could be so. But in fact, Xiaomi makes really smart products. Today, one of such products became available for booking. We’ll introduce its key features and you decide whether … Read more