New AI model can detect plagiarism in academic papers written using ChatGPT with 99% accuracy


Researchers at the University of Kansas recently identified a new testing technique that can accurately determine whether a paper was written using ChatGPT. This technique has an accuracy rate of 99%. Previously, anyone could enter some information and a letter asking for an academic paper, and ChatGPT would produce a document that looked authentic in … Read more

Apple Places Restrictions on ChatGPT and Other AI Tools to Prevent Employee Data Leaks


Apple, a company renowned for its commitment to privacy, is apparently concerned about the potential for its employees to inadvertently disclose confidential information when using ChatGPT, an AI tool developed by OpenAI. Apple has reportedly placed restrictions on the use of ChatGPT and other AI technologies such as GitHub’s Copilot, which helps autocomplete code, to … Read more

Samsung and Naver to Develop AI Replica to Compete with ChatGPT

Samsung and Naver

Samsung Electronics and Naver Corporation, two of South Korea’s largest technology companies, have partnered to develop a generative artificial intelligence (AI) platform for enterprise applications to compete with global AI tools like ChatGPT. The companies plan to create generative AI and AI chips to challenge the supremacy of existing platforms. Naver, the largest online and … Read more

Samsung Bans Use of ChatGPT and Other AI Tools Amid Security Concerns

ChatGPT bann at Samsung

Concerned about potential data leaks, Samsung recently told its employees that it was temporarily banning the use of ChatGPT or other generative artificial intelligence tools. The decision was taken after three leaks involving the tool were identified within 20 days of its release. According to internal letters leaked to the media, Samsung is concerned about … Read more

ChatGPT’s Latest Advancement: How Networking Mode is Changing the Landscape of AI


ChatGPT has made another big announcement! A new browsing mode, Default (GPT-3.5), has been officially released. The most notable feature of this “networking mode” is its ability to quote network data at any time. In other words, the “data from 2021” shackles of ChatGPT have been completely broken. How does ChatGPT perform in this new … Read more

ChatGPT Gets a Privacy Boost with User-Controlled Chat History”


By adopting a new data management technique for its ChatGPT platform, OpenAI has taken steps to address user privacy concerns. Users now have the option to turn off the “chat history” feature, which prevents their conversations from being used to develop and refine OpenAI’s models and is displayed in the history sidebar. It’s interesting to … Read more

GigaChat: Russia’s Chatbot Competitor to ChatGPT with a Macho Twist


Russia has also launched its own chatbot. Russia’s largest financial institution, Sberbank, has declared it a competitor to ChatGPT and named it GigaChat. The system is currently being tested and only those who have been invited to use it can do so. Compared to other international neural networks, GigaChat is said to be able to … Read more

8 Dangers of Unrestrained AI Growth: A Call for Safety Measures


While the mainstream use of artificial intelligence (AI) is exciting, certain science fiction possibilities could become nightmares if left unchecked. In a recent study, Dan Hendrycks, an AI safety specialist and director of the Center for AI Safety, said that the unrestrained growth of increasingly intelligent AI poses certain theoretical risks. Speculative risk is defined … Read more

AI Development Costs Skyrocket as Demand for Nvidia’s H100 Processor Grows

Nvidia’s most powerful graphics cards are fetching more than $40,000 on eBay as demand grows for the processors needed to train and deploy artificial intelligence software. John Carmack, a 3D gaming pioneer and former technology director at Meta Consultancy, took to Twitter to observe the cost of Nvidia’s H100 chips. At least eight H100s were … Read more