Mijia Wireless Vacuum Cleaner 2 Slim Available For Purchase

Mijia Wireless Vacuum Cleaner 2 Slim

Xiaomi is present in more than 600 product categories. This simply means that this company knows how to make good products and not only smartphones. Among them, we should mention that Xiaomi has a rich assortment of vacuum cleaners. Moreover, it is even offering handheld cleaners that cost less but perform top-end. Today, Xiaomi officially … Read more

Xiaomi Released Mijia Cooking Robot In Europe

Mijia Cooking Robot

Xiaomi is a brand that is known for high-quality but low-price products. In particular, Mijia is a sub-brand making basically smart home appliances. There are tons of products made for various categories. Unfortunately, most of the products released in China have difficulty entering the international market. But the product we are going to talk about … Read more

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock E10 Went On Sale For 799 yuan ($113)

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock E10

Xiaomi knows how to make quality products. Moreover, it has products in over 600 categories. Among them, we can also mention smart door locks. The company has managed to launch myriads of products in this category. Today, a new model, namely the Xiaomi Smart Door Lock E10, went on sale. The pre-sale price is 799 … Read more

Huawei Smart Door Lock Golden Version Released

Huawei smart door lock golden version

Though Huawei is not considered a smart home appliances manufacturer, it has a respectable list of such products. In April this year, the China-based first-tier firm launched the first HarmonyOS smart door lock, the only smart door lock in the industry with a financial-grade security architecture. The industry’s only smart door lock product has passed … Read more

Samsung and Google Smart Home Appliances Will Support Matter Standard

Matter stanadard

Samsung and Google are not only rivals but also partners in many fields. For instance, Samsung makes Google’s Tensor chips. Apart from this, the two cooperate in other spheres as well. For instance, today, Samsung announced that it is expanding its partnership with Google to make smart homes more interoperable. The program will allow Samsung … Read more

Xiaomi Launched New Smart Door Lock That Supports 7 Unlocking Methods

Xiaomi smart door lock

Today, following the schedule, Xiaomi launched a new smart door lock through its crowdfunding platform, Youpin. The new product supports up to 7 unlocking methods. The pre-sale price is only 1399 yuan ($200). This is unheard of for a product from this category. Of course, there are many smart door lock products on the market, … Read more

Lastest 4K UHD projector from Formovie goes on sale

We are couple of weeks away from the World Cup and it’s time to start thinking what could be the best setup to enjoy your favorite games. Although some of us may stick to TV screens, we’ve seen more and more interest in projectors, thanks to new innovations from brands like Anker, XGIMI and even … Read more

Huawei Smart Door Lock SE Doorbell Edition Coming On Sep. 6

Huawei Smart Door Lock SE Doorbell Edition

Once you switch to a smart door lock from a traditional door lock, you will never go back and use conventional door locks. They look sci-fi, they provide much better performance, and it’s very convenient to use them. At the same time, they do not fall behind traditional door locks in terms of safety. Smart … Read more

Asus ROG GT-AX11000 Pro Octopus Router Launched


What product is Asus associated for you? Whatever you said, we guess there is no router, right? However, recently, this manufacturer released a number of amazing products from this category. That’s why according to research, it is the most recognized network brand for North American users in 2021. A few days ago, ASUS ROG (Republic … Read more