PS5 Pro and Slim Models on the Horizon: Are They Worth the Wait?

PS5 Slim and Pro

Sony Interactive Entertainment released the PS5 as the successor to the PS4, delivering enhanced performance and a next-generation gaming experience in November 2020. Players are anxiously anticipating Sony’s future ambitions for the PS5 as it approaches its mid-term stage. Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take Two, Rockstar’s parent company, addressed the prospect of future updated PS5 … Read more

PS5 Dominates Xbox Series X|S: What’s Behind the Sales Gap?

PS5 Pro

In November 2020, Sony and Microsoft unveiled a new generation of gaming consoles, the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S respectively, piquing the interest of gamers around the world. However, after 29 months of fierce rivalry, the sales gap between the two systems has widened. According to the latest data from the VGChartz website, the PS5’s … Read more

Sony Beats Nintendo at Their Own Game: PS5 Sales Surpass Nintendo 64 by 33.54 Million Units

PlayStation 5

The game console market doesn’t have many players. Only a few big names, such as Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo, are fighting against each other. Moreover, Nintendo is offering handheld game consoles, while the former two are focusing on stationary game consoles. So when narrowing the frames, we should talk only about the PlayStation and the … Read more

PS5 Getting Version 7.0 Update Worlwide, Which Brings Tons Of New Features

PS5 version 7.0 update

Today, Sony began rolling out the PS5 version 7.0 update to all players worldwide. As a reminder, the beta version of this update was rolled out to select players last month. It’s a major update that brings tons of new features, including the integration of the PS5 console with the Discord voice chat system. At … Read more

Sony Working On New PS5 Portable Game Console

Earlier this week, Sony released its financial report. In it, the Japanese company says that global shipments of PS5 were 19.3 million units, PS4 shipments were 117.2 million units, and the quarterly shipments of the two consoles were 2 million units and 100,000 units, respectively. Sony PS5 Portable Is In the Works Although the main … Read more

Buy GameSir VX2 AimBox – Multi-Platform Console Adapter For Just $39.99

Each platform has its own special games, for example, wargames that are becoming more and more popular. Are you one of the players who love and prefer these games? You know it’s very frustrating to play these games on a joystick. This tedious and tedious process makes for a bad gaming experience. With its pinpoint precision … Read more