The Console Wars Heat Up as Sony Will Launch a New Generation of Portable Gaming

Sony will introduce a new PlayStation handheld device, codenamed Q Lite, according to whistleblower Tom Henderson, with the goal of becoming another hardware product that requires PlayStation 5 like the PS VR2. Jeff Grubb also stated that prior to the announcement of Sony’s new handheld Sony had a cloud streaming handheld and recommended customers temper … Read more

Sony Beats Nintendo at Their Own Game: PS5 Sales Surpass Nintendo 64 by 33.54 Million Units

PlayStation 5

The game console market doesn’t have many players. Only a few big names, such as Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo, are fighting against each other. Moreover, Nintendo is offering handheld game consoles, while the former two are focusing on stationary game consoles. So when narrowing the frames, we should talk only about the PlayStation and the … Read more

PlayStation 5 To Sell Over 60 Million Units During Its Lifespan

Playstation vulnerability

Initially, Sony had some supply issues with the launch of the PlayStation 5. But now we learn that it has achieved respectable sales figures, with 32.1 million units shipped so far. Sony expects this figure to at least double over the next few years as the company ramps up the production and manufacturing of its … Read more

PlayStation 5 With Detachable Optical Drive Coming Next Year

Sony PlayStation 5

A month ago, from a very reliable source, we heard that Sony was working on a new PlayStation 5. The information came from Tom Henderson, which is very popular in the game industry. Particularly, he said that the Japanese company was developing a game console with a detachable optical drive. EXCLUSIVE: Sony is developing a … Read more

Sony Launched DualSense Edge Wireless Controller

Sony DualSense Edge

These days, we will see many new gaming products. The reason is that Gamescom 2022 (2022 Cologne International Game Show) has started. It will last from August 24 to August 28 at the Cologne Exhibition Center. We have already introduced a few gaming monitors, such as the HP-owned HyperX Armada. But you understand that our … Read more