Apple Places Restrictions on ChatGPT and Other AI Tools to Prevent Employee Data Leaks


Apple, a company renowned for its commitment to privacy, is apparently concerned about the potential for its employees to inadvertently disclose confidential information when using ChatGPT, an AI tool developed by OpenAI. Apple has reportedly placed restrictions on the use of ChatGPT and other AI technologies such as GitHub’s Copilot, which helps autocomplete code, to … Read more

Google Losing AI Edge to Open-Source Community: Internal Memo Reveals Concerns

Google AI

A secret internal Google paper has been widely circulated in the technical community. According to a top Google software engineer, Google is losing its edge in artificial intelligence (AI), but the winner will not be OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT – it ought to be AI developed by the open-source community. According to the engineer, … Read more

ChatGPT Gets a Privacy Boost with User-Controlled Chat History”


By adopting a new data management technique for its ChatGPT platform, OpenAI has taken steps to address user privacy concerns. Users now have the option to turn off the “chat history” feature, which prevents their conversations from being used to develop and refine OpenAI’s models and is displayed in the history sidebar. It’s interesting to … Read more

Goodbye Time-Wasting Coding – Hello ChatGPT-Powered Copilot X from Microsoft GitHub

Copilot X

Microsoft’s code hosting platform GitHub has released the Copilot X intelligent programming assistant. It adds the OpenAI chat feature to the coding tool, allowing programmers to ask how to complete certain coding tasks. Is GitHub Copilot X Replacing Programmers? GitHub Copilot X is a brand new intelligent programming assistant that uses the latest GPT-4 model … Read more

ChatGPT Is The Fastest Growing Consumer App In History

AI programming

OpenAI’s chatbot has been on the market for around 3 months, but as UBS reports, its monthly active users reached 100 million in January this year. Thus, it’s the fastest-growing consumer app in history. UBS said that in January this year, about 13 million unique visitors were using ChatGPT every day, more than double the … Read more

Amazon Doesn’t Allow Its Employees To Use ChatGPT


In November 2022, the artificial intelligence research company OpenAI released the AI ​​​​chatbot ChatGPT. Since its launch, the latter has gained a huge popularity. But not all companies or users welcome it with arms wide open. Amazon is among them. The latter recently even warned employees not to interact with ChatGPT and share confidential information. … Read more