Why is Microsoft giving users the option to uninstall Chat?

Microsoft Team Chat

As a possible precaution against antitrust investigations by European Union authorities, Microsoft is said to be planning to allow customers to disable the “Chat” feature in Microsoft Teams for consumers through Windows Settings. This change has been found in Windows 11 previews and is expected to be released soon. While Chat can now be unpinned … Read more

From Search Results to Ads: How Microsoft Is Testing AI in Advertising


Recently, Microsoft has used AI in an interesting way that could lead to a new use for the technology. Users have reported that when they searched for “Chrome” on Bing using Microsoft’s Edge browser, BingChat started to respond. On closer inspection, however, it soon became clear that the ‘response’ had nothing to do with Chrome … Read more

Microsoft announces Windows users surpassing 1 billion worldwide

Windows 11

In a recent blog post, Microsoft announced some encouraging news about the widespread adoption of its Windows operating system. Although Microsoft does not normally reveal figures about its user base, it did say that the number of Windows users worldwide has now surpassed a remarkable one billion. The company is adamant that Windows 11, the … Read more

How to seamlessly continue your Bing Chat conversation from PC to mobile device

Bing Chat

Today, Microsoft’s Bing Chat launched contextual chat for mobile Edge browsers, iOS and Android platforms, and the ability to have an ongoing Bing Chat discussion between mobile and desktop. These are all significant advancements for mobile users. Users can now start a Bing Chat conversation on a PC and continue it on a mobile device. … Read more

Microsoft Support Used Pirate Method To Activate User’s Windows 10

A short while ago, a Twitter user told an interesting story. He said he bought a genuine Windows 10 Professional key from the Microsoft Store but couldn’t activate the operating system. So he had to contact Microsoft’s official support department. Unexpectedly, the other party used a pirated script to activate the system for him. The … Read more

Microsoft Updated Bing and Edge, Bringing ChatGPT (GPT-4)


Microsoft has announced the integration of the GPT-4 model into Bing and the Edge browser. The competition between Google and Microsoft is gaining momentum. The other day, Google announced a competitor to ChatGPT — the Bard chatbot. At the beginning of January, there were rumors that Microsoft is preparing to soon integrate a new language … Read more

Microsoft’s Smart Goggles For U.S. Army Didn’t Pass Tests

Microsoft IVAS smart goggles

Last year, the U.S. Army awarded Microsoft a $22 billion contract to build HoloLens-like smart goggles for its soldiers, called the IVAS program. Recently, BusinessInsider reported that the contract is already behind schedule and plagued by quality and performance issues. Soldiers who tested it gave negative reviews. The tester from the U.S. army said that … Read more

Microsoft Seized 7 More Domains Related To Russian Hackers Group


A few days ago, TechCrunch reported that Microsoft had successfully seized domains used by APT28. The latter is a state-sponsored group operated by Russian military intelligence. At the moment, it targets institutions in Ukraine. As Microsoft wrote in a blog post, Strontium (Microsoft’s moniker for APT28 or “Fancy Bear”) used various domains to target multiple … Read more