Amazon Launches New Budget-Friendly Smart Speakers: Echo Pop and Echo Show 5

Amazon Pop

Today, Amazon launched two new Echo smart speakers on its official website: the third-generation Echo Show 5 and the Echo Pop. Both products include the Alexa voice assistant, which can be used to voice-control a range of functions, including playing music, managing smart home appliances, setting reminders, looking up information and more. According to Amazon, … Read more

Amazon Reduces Shipping Times by Shortening Product Travel Distance

Amazon logistics

The Wall Street Journal reports that Amazon has revamped its extensive logistics network in an effort to reduce the distance deliveries must travel within the United States in order to increase profitability. Amazon executives, analysts, and merchants claim that the company’s overhaul has reduced shipping times, changed the way it handles inventory, and improved … Read more

Amazon Stepping Up Their Game with the Release of Titan Language Model

Amazon Titan language model

ChatGPT is not the only AI language model out there. Yet it’s the most popular and it has the biggest impact on every aspect of our lives. Not in vain, many companies are already replacing their personnel with this chatbot. It’s even more scaring to imagine what changes it will bring in the next months. … Read more

Top 5 Marketplaces to buy tech gadgets

buying online

Finding new exciting gizmos is always a challenge for tech nerds. Today, we want to bring you a list of our top 5 marketplaces our editorial team surfs to discover exciting new products. The Top 5 Marketplaces to Buy the Latest Tech Gadgets 1. Amazon: Amazon is the world’s largest online marketplace and the go-to … Read more

Amazon Doesn’t Allow Its Employees To Use ChatGPT


In November 2022, the artificial intelligence research company OpenAI released the AI ​​​​chatbot ChatGPT. Since its launch, the latter has gained a huge popularity. But not all companies or users welcome it with arms wide open. Amazon is among them. The latter recently even warned employees not to interact with ChatGPT and share confidential information. … Read more

The Miyoo Mini V2: Mini in the name but max in power

Miyoo Mini V2: Mini in the name but max in power The Miyoo Mini V2 Handheld Game Console is one of the latest handheld gaming device to hit the market. It offers a powerful, pocket–sized gaming experience that’s perfect for gamers on the go. Gaming on the go With its small form factor, it’s easy … Read more

Amazift Bip U Exclusive Deals on Amazon Today: Grab it for €34.99

Amazfit products have been recognized among wearable enthusiasts for delivering high-end functionalities with a better value compared to larger incumbents in the industry. Launched last year, the Amazfit Bip U is a very complete and functional model for those of you looking for a good smartwatch to follow everywhere. And good news, you can purchase … Read more

Ugreen unveils new 100W GaN charger, Nexode

Charging technologies have seen massive improvements in the past year, with the introduction of gallium nitride technology, providing users with the ability to charge multiple devices at a very fast speed. Ugreen, a global leader in charging accessories, just released its latest fast charger: the Nexode 100W charger, aiming to deliver more power and ports … Read more