T-Mobile’s “SyncUp Tracker” is the latest location-tracking tag, powered by LTE.

It seems the location-tracking accessory/dongle/keyfob/whatever-you-want-to-call-it war is on. We’ve just recently covered Samsung’s SmartTag+ and Apple’s AirTag location trackers, and now it seems that mobile carriers want in on the action. USA-based mobile provider T-Mobile has just announced its own Tile competitor in the way of the SyncUp Tracker. Much like the Tile, Samsung SmartTag+, … Read more

A revamped version of Amazon’s Fire HD 10 tablet goes on sale, features wireless charging

Amazon’s Fire HD 10, a well-reviewed option in the tablet space, is getting a facelift (and a new “Plus” variant with wireless charging). The standard fire HD 10 is getting its first refresh since 2019, which includes a modest spec bump from 2GB of RAM to 3GB of RAM (the processor remains the same at … Read more

Motorola’s new “G Series” smartphones go after the budget handset market in Europe

The competition is stiff in Europe for the “budget” smartphone market, with major players Samsung, Xiaomi, and even Apple (with their SE line) competing for the budget crown. Motorola is already in the “budget smartphone” mix, but is hoping to make a splash with two new budget phones with solid spec sheet: the Moto G20. … Read more

Xiaomi enters the premium TV market with the 75-inch Mi QLED

In India, Xiaomi is known for providing well-spec’d smartphones and smartphome accessories at affordable prices. But with the announcement of their newest product offering in India, it seems Xiaomi might be trying to shed that description and gain a more premium-focused branding. Their new Mi QLED TV is nice, but it ain’t cheap. At a … Read more

Apple releases AirTag location-tracking accessory, directly competing with Samsung’s SmartTag+.

Last week we covered the release of Samsung’s SmartTag+, a Bluetooth and UWB-powered tracking tag, filling a similar niche as the popular Tile tags. These products help users track bags, keys, and other items that may get lost on a day-to-day basis. Well, today, industry-titan Apple is getting into the mix, and they bring their … Read more

Coming next year: a triple-folding smartphone from Samsung

It’s safe to say that foldable smartphones have remained a niche product, largely due to being… really expensive. But Samsung has been a trailblazer in the technology, releasing the Galaxy Fold line of smartphones. And it seems Samsung will be doubling-down on the foldable smartphone trend with the Galaxy Z Fold Tab, a large device … Read more

Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Book Pro laptop images leak on certification website

Samsung is expected to soon release a MacBook Pro competitor with the Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book Pro 360. While we had heard about this upcoming launch, details were sparse in regards to the look and specs of the device. However, images are now available thanks to information found on the SafetyKorea certification. Based … Read more