Huawei Launches Ascend C Programming Language for Operator Development

Huawei today launched the Ascend C programming language for operator development scenarios at the Kunpeng Ascend Developer Summit 2023. The new language natively supports C/C++ programming requirements in line with users’ development patterns. In addition, using a powerful class library interface, organized kernel function programming can materialize operator core logic and automated pipeline parallel scheduling achieves optimal operator execution performance.

The kernel-level source code migration tool for GPU is one of the key benefits of the Ascend C language. This tool can reduce the time it takes to move an operator from the “week level” to the “day level.” Developers can use this tool to quickly migrate old code to the new language, minimizing the need for manual intervention and allowing them to focus on development rather than maintenance.

Ascend C programming language

According to Huawei, the Ascend C programming language can significantly improve user performance in a variety of application situations, including image processing, speech recognition, and natural language processing. The language can also help developers optimize the efficiency of existing operators, reducing the time required for optimization.

It is worth noting that during the Kunpeng Ascend Developer Summit 2023, Huawei also introduced the Huawei Atlas 200I DK A2 Ascend AI Developer Kit. Designed for AI algorithm evaluation and application development, this kit can help AI beginners, university professors and students, and industrial engineers with video image analysis, natural language processing, and robotics. The kit provides a powerful computing platform as well as a comprehensive collection of software development tools, allowing developers to create a complete development environment.

The Ascend C programming language and the Huawei Atlas 200I DK A2 Ascend AI Developer Kit demonstrate Huawei’s commitment to the growth of the AI sector. The new language and developer kit is designed to make it easier to create AI applications and enhance the performance of existing applications. With the growing need for AI technologies, Huawei’s new products are likely to gain popularity among developers and drive the development of the AI industry.

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