Sony’s PS Q Lite: The Evolution of Cloud Gaming on Handheld Devices

Recently, there have been rumors that Sony is preparing for more action. A new version of the PS5 will be released, and the PS5 Pro is also in the works. More importantly, Sony is expected to launch a new line of PS portable devices.

Despite the recent layoffs, Sony is reportedly hiring for 22 positions in the area of cloud gaming technology, one of which is to “develop and implement a strategic vision for PlayStation cloud game streaming media.” This is a clear hint that Sony is going to release a portable PS device.

Sony’s upcoming handheld console is a cloud-streaming handheld that won’t be able to run local games.

The latest information suggests that the Q Lite is a portable device based on the PS5’s remote play feature rather than a cloud streaming device. More specifically, it is a PS5 attachment and cannot exist independently.

The device is currently undergoing QA testing, and Sony intends to release it before the PS5 Pro but after the PS5 with a removable optical drive.

What’s happening in the handheld consoles market

The Nintendo Switch now dominates the portable market. V Agency’s Steam Deck, launched last year, has also taken a slice of the competitive handheld market with its outstanding features and huge library of games.

Although true handhelds are superior to Windows-based gaming handhelds in both environmental and practical terms, other manufacturers continue to release them.

When Sony first introduced the PSP series, its main selling point was its superb, unique games and powerful portable features. As a result, it attracted a huge following.

PS Q Lite

However, with the PS Vita’s declining sales and the handheld market in general in decline, Sony eventually decided to exit the market. The development of the Q Lite proves that the handheld market is alive and kicking again, and Sony should take note.

The story claims that the PS Q Lite supports a 1080P image and enables 60 frames, but it also requires an internet connection. With an 8-inch LCD touchscreen in the middle, the handheld has a similar design to the PS5 controller. The handheld is thought to include speakers, an audio-in jack, volume controls, customizable buttons that provide “haptic feedback,” and more.

Sony is expected to announce the second phase of its PS5 plan at the PlayStation Showcase 2023 event on 8 June, when it is expected to unveil a new PS5 with a removable hard drive, Project Nomad wireless headset, Project Voyager wireless headset, Q Lite handheld and more.

The new PS handheld will now be a derivative accessory that relies primarily on PS5 rather than a standalone handheld device. As a result, it won’t have much of an impact on the portable market, which is dominated by the Switch and Steam Deck. However, the internet does have an impact. The use cases for PS handhelds are limited by the significant impact of variants.

Moreover, it is clear that Sony will soon increase its investment in cloud gaming. Since outstanding visuals and gameplay are impossible to produce on portable devices, streaming and remote gaming are the answer. On the other hand, network issues will continue to be a problem. But who knows, Sony may be able to incorporate new technology into its next handheld.

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