Xiaomi Mijia Pipi Lamp: Control With Just a Wave of Your Hand!

Xiaomi has launched a new smart home product, namely the Mijia Pipi Lamp, with a crowdfunding price of 499 yuan ($73).

The unique feature of this table lamp is that it has an emotional system, and different external stimuli will affect it in different ways to create different moods. The duration of use will change the mood of the Pipi Lamp, in addition to having a direct impact on its use.

Mijia Pipi Lamp

The internal mood of Mijia Pipi Lamp can be divided into three dimensions: P, A and D, based on the emotional paradigm often used in science, meaning pleasure, activation and dominance. Changes to these settings have an immediate effect on Pipi’s mood. The lamp’s activity and emotion, as well as the emotional state of the skin lamp, are displayed in real time on the user’s app.

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The Mijia Pipi Lamp also comes with an interactive camera. It enables low-latency spatial gesture interaction on the Mijia desk lamp. For this, it uses the key point recognition algorithm of the hand, such as using simple movements to turn the light on and off, change the brightness, and adjust the lighting angle.

It can also change the angle of the light based on the user’s position and follow the light without feeling, so that the light moves with the person.

As said, the Mijia Pipi Lamp is also compatible with the Mijia app. You can monitor the mood of the Pipi Lamp in real time through it, and you can set the lamp in the app to give it different personalities and moods, making it stickier. Advanced users can also create their own interactive activities using the app.

This desk lamp also features stepless dimming and color control, a silent base and a diffuser to increase lighting comfort.

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