Don’t Sweat It — What to Do When Google Cuts Two Smart Home Products

Google made a remark today that upset consumers of smart homes. It declared that it will discontinue supporting the Dropcam security camera and the Nest Secure home security system as of 2024. As you may expect, a large number of Google smart home users received several complaints. In order to ameliorate the problem, the firm is presently giving away coupons for free Nest Cams and ADT security systems along with discounts on more contemporary substitutes.

If you possess one of these items, you should be aware that only the semi-retired Nest app can still be used to operate Nest Secure and Dropcam devices. We mean that neither is compatible with Google Home. There are several models of Dropcam cameras. Each of them is being phased out. Also, you should be aware that the Nest app won’t offer access to video history. Google will provide you up to two free Nest Cam inside cameras if you utilize Dropcam and are a Nest Aware member. But, you will only receive coupons good for a 50% discount if you are not a paying member.

It’s also time to bid farewell to the Nest Secure home security system. According to Google, the technology will “cease to function” in April next year. Starting April 8, 2024, it won’t be used in the Nest app and won’t be able to connect to the internet at all. However, Google will substitute it with ADT Self Setup System. The latter includes “a free ADT Smart Home Hub, 2 door/window sensors, and a motion sensor.” it will be made available by Google to “eligible Nest Secure consumers”. There won’t be any Nest hardware, unlike the recently announced Nest/ADT bundles. Eligible consumers will also be able to get expert alarm monitoring for free for a year, but Google says you can cancel at any time. After that, it will cost $20 a month.


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