New AI Tool From Ubisoft Enhances Video Game Dialogue Writing

Ubisoft has recently developed an artificial intelligence tool that can help non-player characters (NPCs) in the game speak interesting dialogue, called barks, and NPCs that trigger certain events will speak from time to time, helping to make the game world more immersive.

Artificial intelligence has been talked about for many years. But it has only recently become a hot topic. OpenAI’s ChatGPT is the main culprit. Now it is being added to almost everything. Microsoft has included it in various services and products. It has become so common that the Edge and Opera browsers have integrated it into the sidebar to make the whole browsing experience much more interesting and useful. Today we learned about a new AI tool created by Ubisoft. Since it comes from a game studio, it’s obvious that the new tool is somehow related to game development. Well, the new tool is called Ghostwriter and it aims to make writing game dialogue less tedious by giving the writing team the bark of the first draft.


The way Ghostwriter works is that a writer creates a character and then enters an “event or situation” that the character goes through. Then, depending on the mode selected, Ghostwriter will generate different versions of the barks. Of course, writers should do another version. What’s important is that Ghostwriter learns from each accepted utterance.

In its Ghostwriter introduction video, Ubisoft says: “Ghostwriter was created hand-in-hand with story teams to help them complete a repetitive task more quickly and effectively.

As mentioned above, artificial intelligence tools such as ChatGPT have attracted a lot of attention recently. Ubisoft is not the only game company paying attention to AI tools. Nvidia and Roblox also announced some AI tools at its Game Developers Conference, such as texture generators and code assist features – designed to make it easier for Roblox developers to create games. Squanch Games also used Midjourney to create the sets for High on Life.


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