iPhone Owners Trade In Their Old iPhone for a New One

There are several ways to dispose of old smartphones, according to the latest CIRP report released today. The new survey shows that Android and iPhone owners dispose of their old phones very differently when they buy new ones.

Here are the six disposal methods people use when buying a new smartphone:

  • Trade in
  • Sell
  • Reserve
  • Gift to family and friends
  • Lost/stolen/damaged
  • Recycle

The results showed that most iPhone users would trade their old phone for a new one because of its value, while only 14% of Android users would. Overall, 50% of iPhone users would trade-in or sell their old phone, while 23% would keep it, and 13% would give it to a relative or friend.

iPhone owners

Among Android users, 54% chose to keep their old phone, more than double the proportion of iPhone users. Android users are also less likely than iPhone users to sell or give their old phone to a relative or friend.

The CIRP report also shows that 15% of new iPhone buyers are switching from Android. According to the researchers’ analysis, this may be because the low trade-in value of Android phones makes this option less attractive. It may also be that some Android users are switching to the iPhone because they want to keep a familiar backup device in case they are unable to transfer all their contacts, photos, or notes to their new iOS device.

As you can see, smartphone users on different platforms behave differently. There are many reasons for this. But in general, iPhone owners have sold their old models to buy new ones, while Android owners don’t think it’s a good idea.

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