Mijia Wireless Floor Scrubber 2 Lite Went On Crowdfunding

We like to cover news about Xiaomi’s eco-chain brands because they are affordable, good-looking, and quite useful. For example, the Mijia Wireless Floor Scrubber 2 Lite, which is being crowdfunded today, costs 1,749 yuan ($255) but is an ideal home appliance.

Mijia Wireless Floor Scrubber 2 Lite

The Mijia Wireless Floor Scrubber 2 Lite is a three-in-one product that supports mopping, washing, and strong suction. It also supports a real-time running water cleaning system. When the main unit is returned to the cleaning base, it not only charges automatically but also starts self-cleaning of the roller brush. Simply put, the roller brush does not need to be washed by hand.

It can pick up dry and wet waste at the same time. The roller brush has a storm-cleaning function of 500 times per minute. At the same time, it has a battery life of 40 minutes and a battery capacity of 4000mAh. So you can clean the house on a single charge.

The Mijia Wireless Floor Scrubber 2 Lite has a built-in dirt sensor, which can intelligently detect the dirt on the floor and automatically adjust the suction power. The roller brush and floor brush hose are made of ionic antibacterial material. The scrubbing effect is improved when used with official cleaning products.

Mijia Wireless Floor Scrubber 2 Lite

The scrubber has a 780ml fresh water tank and a 550ml waste water tank. There is a digital LED screen that displays the scrubbing status. Voice prompts give real-time instructions.

In fact, Xiaomi has released a number of home cleaning products. Its sub-brands, or companies in which it invests heavily, are leaders in the industry. We are talking about Stone with its Roborock range. So this company knows how to make really good cleaning products. This one is no exception.

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