Nubia Pad 3D Will Support Glass-less 3D Performance

In a few days, we will see many amazing products at MWC 2023. We have already heard about some models that will debut new technologies and features. One of them will be the Nubia Pad 3D. It seems that there is nothing strange in the news that this brand will launch a tablet at MWC 2023. But the thing is that it is equipped with AI technology. The latter supports the intelligent recognition of the human eye and can achieve a real naked-eye 3D effect.

Nubia Pad 3D

Today, the manufacturer released some posters that reveal some of the tablet’s selling points. For example, the Nubia Pad 3D will feature the AI Engine Super Bionic Eye technology for the first time. On the front, it will have both an 8MP and a 16MP sensor. Based on a neural network deep learning algorithm, it will achieve full scene 2D and 3D real-time conversion.

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At the same time, this tablet will be equipped with unique 3D light field technology. Combined with AI face tracking, it will be able to achieve 3D vision with 8 fields of view and higher 3D resolution.

Whether watching video, recording video, streaming media or playing games, the tablet will support 3D display, bringing a whole new visual experience to users.

Nubia Pad 3D

The poster also shows that the Nubia Pad 3D will have a right-angled bezel design, four narrow bezels, a high aspect ratio and two cameras on the top. In other words, it has an unusual design compared to traditional tablets on the market.

The new tablet has been jointly designed by Nubia and Leia Inc, a leading provider of light field hardware and content services. The Silicon Valley-based company uses breakthroughs in nanotechnology design, manufacturing and intelligent software to create digital interactions.

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