Stone H1 Molecular Sieve Washing Machine Is A New Breath In Industry

Today, one of Xiaomi’s eco-chain companies, Stone, released a new washing machine that has caused a stir in the market. We are talking about the Stone H1 molecular sieve washer-dryer.

Unlike the mainstream condensing and heat pump drying solutions of all-in-one washer-dryers on the market, Stone pioneered low-temperature molecular sieve drying technology in the industry. It also features real-time and precise temperature control technology and intelligent low-temperature drying to achieve professional fiber-level drying.


The Stone H1 molecular sieve washer-dryer adopts the traditional integrated washing and drying design. It is available in two colors: space grey and glacier white. On the left side of the panel is the brand logo. There is a handle on the underside. Once opened, we can see a filling opening for detergent and fabric softener. The capacity of the dispenser is 580ml of detergent and 420ml of fabric softener.

Stone H1

To the right is a colorful LED control panel. You can interact with it using the touchscreen above the washing machine. It also displays various useful information such as wash mode, remaining time, stain mode, etc.

In the center, we have a huge black glass door full of texture. The top right corner is surrounded by a slightly raised gold area with the words “designed by Roborock” printed on it. This is also the handle area for opening the glass door.

The Stone H1 comes with a stainless steel ice crystal cylinder with a large volume of 72 liters and a diameter of 510 mm. It supports a large 12 kg wash load and a large 7 kg dry load. The Stone H1’s 72L cylinder can wash 5 four-piece suits, 5 down jackets, 60 shirts, 60 T-shirts, or 20 pairs of jeans at one time.

There is also a smart sensor downlight on the top right of the drum. When the washer-extractor is running, you can tap the Always On program button, and the downlight will automatically come on. Further down, on the bottom right of the body, a filter cover can be pushed down and flipped out to clean the internal drain pump.


In terms of experience, the Stone H1 offers three drying modes, including micro-dry, normal, and ultra-dry.

The Stone H1 is also equipped with the RR washing and drying algorithm and has 5 NTC smart sensors. Combined with the DD direct drive variable frequency motor, it can achieve the highest level of sensor configuration and temperature control accuracy in the industry.

The Stone H1 molecular sieve washer-dryer offers wool washing and drying. Suitable for delicate wool fabrics, it penetrates the fibres, nourishes and protects, and reduces shrinkage and pilling. With the silk washing and drying mode, it is suitable for fine silk products, reduces wrinkles, and restores silk products.

Thanks to the blessing of the RR washing and drying algorithm, the Stone H1 also supports up to 25 washing and drying modes, including standard, quick, anti-bacterial mite, wool, air wash, custom, home textile, down, silk, bleach, and so on.

This washer also supports a number of health care modes, such as air wash mode, anti-allergy mode, cylinder self-cleaning mode, and baby mode.

It has a self-cleaning fluff filter system. Technically, the Stone H1 uses a precision self-cleaning filter screen with a pore size of 0.1mm to block lint and fine particles from entering the molecular sieve.

In other aspects, the Stone H1 supports thoughtful functions such as adding clothes in the middle, power-off memory, etc., a large floating technology screen, a 13-degree golden tilt, a liquid metal sensing door frame, black crystal high transparency glass, and supports WiFi.

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