Xiaomi Launched Smart Door Lock M20 With Improved Features

Earlier today, Xiaomi released a new smart door lock, which is based on the original Smart Door Lock M20 but comes with a larger screen. The latter also supports viewing range adjustment. The starting price of the new product is 1899 yuan ($277). You can already pre-order it.

The poster shows that the smart door lock has a built-in 180° ultra-wide-angle camera, an F2.0 ultra-large aperture lens, and a 2K resolution lens. Images captured by the cameras can be stored on clouds for free. But they will remain there for three days. Plus, there is a large 3.97-inch screen.

Xiaomi smart door lock

This screen can be adjusted left and right according to the monitoring range in front of the door. When the visitor presses the doorbell, the screen will automatically light up to check the environment outside the door. At the same time, you can connect it to larger screen devices.

In other aspects, this smart door lock adopts an innovative anti-pinch design. The fully automatic noise-reducing lock body supports automatic locking. Due to an inductive electronic doorbell, it provides multiple unlocking methods. It supports more than ten security technologies.

Other than that, this smart door lock supports Xiaomi’s smart home ecology. The door lock and the cameras are powered independently. The door lock’s battery life is 12 months, and the camera’s battery life is 4-6 months.

Other functions of the door lock include an all-weather AI humanoid monitoring and recording algorithm, real-time monitoring of abnormalities in front of the door and timely alarming.

It is worth mentioning that the door lock also has a corresponding protection function. When you are alone at home, you can choose the voice-changing function to talk to the outside.

Lastly, it supports fingerprint unlocking, password unlocking, periodic/one-time password, NFC password, mobile phone Bluetooth unlocking and other unlocking methods.

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