OPPO Pad 2 With Dimensity 9000 Is On The Way

OnePlus Pad

In the past two years, many Android smartphone manufacturers have begun to pay attention to the tablet market. However, most of those products came with the Snapdragon 870 chip. Though this is a well-performing chip, the tablets with this processor lagged behind the iPad. Not long ago, Honor released a Dimensity 8100 tablet, which brought some fresh blood to the market. But it seems that the Dimensity 9000 flagship chip is going to be in the spotlight.

Today, OnePlus released its first tablet. The OnePlus Pad is packed with the Dimensity 9000 chip. But OnePlus is currently under the control of OPPO. So it’s logical that the latter will release its own model with this processor.

A Weibo tipster said that the OPPO Pad 2 is on the way. Under the hood, this tablet will house the Dimensity 9000. Plus, the tablet will come with a large storage combination of 12GB+512GB. The performance is going to be on par with flagship mobile phones.

Dimensity 9000

At the same time, the screen specifications of the machine are also very eye-catching. It will feature an 11-inch 2.8K ultra-high refresh screen with a resolution of 2800*2000 pixels and a 144Hz ultra-high refresh rate. The most important thing is that it should be an LCD screen that is much better in terms of eye protection. Some users think it looks softer than OLED, and it is more eye-friendly when used on a large screen. They also think that OLED is generally yellowish and too heavy. But there are still some users who think that LCD is not as advanced as OLED, and its color, contrast, brightness, and other parameters are not as good as OLED screens.

In addition to the basic display parameters, the OPPO Pad 2 will also support Dolby Vision and HDR10+ display. Thus, it will provide a high image quality.

Lastly, the machine will also be equipped with a super large battery of about 9500mAh, which will support 67W fast charging.

Of course, the price of such a tablet device will definitely not be low. The starting price is expected to be above 3,500 yuan ($515).

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