India Developing Its Own Mobile OS To Get Rid Of Android and iOS


Do you know who runs the world?  Those who have information? Well, this could be true … but only a few years ago. Now, the “managers” of the world are those companies that make chips and software for them, the operating systems. That’s why all those superpowers that want not to rely on any company or any technology should create their own chips and operating systems. In this regard, we have to say that India has already begun working on its own mobile OS.

According to Business Standard, the Indian government has repeatedly tried to “get rid” of Apple and Google. For this, the leading programmers of the country developed a mobile OS based on Linux, but the project did not gain mass distribution.

95% of India’s population are Android users, 4% are iOS users, and 1% are other systems users. The country’s government doesn’t like this, and it wants to make a domestic system.

What is known about IndOS

It is unlikely to be popular in other countries, but in India, it has every chance to become a full-fledged competitor of iOS and Android. India is one of the largest manufacturers of smartphones in the world. If the authorities pass a law that obliges them to supply devices on IndOS, the system is doomed to become popular, considering the country’s population.

The situation is a bit reminiscent of Huawei, which created Harmony OS a few years ago. The reasons for the emergence of Harmony OS and IndOS are different, but the future fate may be the same – success within the state.


According to the government, IndOS is India’s latest attempt to enter the mobile OS market. If nothing works, the population will have to use iOS and Android.

At the moment, we can’t provide any screenshots of the system or introduce its features. But we know that it will be another Linux firmware with the ability to install Android apps. Indian services will be loaded on it by default.

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