Xiaomi Launched Mijia Mite Removal Instrument Pro At 379 yuan ($56)

Xiaomi has a variety of products for all cases of life. We should especially point out its smart home appliances. Even if they are not “truly” smart, Xiaomi has designed them keeping in mind one goal – they should be practical, well-thought, cheap, and make competition to rivals. In this sense, the newly-released Mijia Mite Removal Instrument Pro fully corresponds to the mentioned features. The price starts at 379 yuan ($56).

Mijia Mite Removal Instrument Pro

The biggest selling point of this mite remover is that it uses an LED digital screen with a built-in intelligent sensing system. The latter can monitor fabric dust mites in real time. The intelligent sensing ring automatically changes three colors to clearly display the current status of dust mites.

In terms of power, it is equipped with a 400W high-performance motor. It can release up to 14kPa hurricane suction and has a 20cmg wide suction port to remove allergens.

With the patented electric roller brush, the high-speed rotation of the motor drives the rubber strip and soft bristles to perform 48,000 times/min sweeping. The spiral structure allows the bristles to clean out dust and mites without damaging the fabric.

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At the same time, there is a UV lamp with a wavelength of 254nm, a built-in independent motor that rotates at high speed, and supports drying at 55°C. Also, as the name implies, there should be some improvements over the ordinary version. For instance, this model comes with an upgraded cyclone dust-free air duct. In effect, the filtration efficiency can reach 99%.

Mijia Mite Removal Instrument Pro

Not only that, the Mijia Mite Eliminator Pro uses specific frequency ultrasonic waves to act on mites, which can inhibit the feeding and reproduction of dust mites in their life cycle.

Lastly, it also has a new 0.5L capsule dust cup and a new design, which clearly shows the process of mite removal. The dust cup also supports one-key disassembly for easy dust removal.

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