OnePlus To Launch Its First Mechanical Keyboard On December 15

OnePlus mechanical keyboard

OnePlus announced yesterday that it has cooperated with the keyboard brand Keychron to launch its first mechanical keyboard. For many users, this statement will mean nothing. But OnePlus is a brand that always chases perfection. So when it is out, we are sure it will be an ideal product. More details will be announced in 2023.

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In the latest post, OnePlus product manager Percy T. talked about this new product. He said that it has gone through early discussions, including the need to work from home during the epidemic and the design details of the keyboard.

At the same time, Percy T. showed off some mechanical keyboard switches and four keycaps in different material styles. In the end, he wrapped up, saying:

  • Pain points in daily office scenarios: users have many electronic products and peripheral devices. As a result, the desk is messy;
  • Keyboard user experience pain point: As a device used for a long time, an overly high keyboard may hurt the wrist; [this is what I agree with!!!]
  • Preference details for mechanical keyboards: The choice of switches is very subjective, and different users may have completely different preferences;
  • Product price: Most of the products on the market are too expensive, especially for beginners.

OnePlus mechanical keyboard

Additionally, Percy T. said that OnePlus’ upcoming first-ever mechanical keyboard would have the following advantages:

  • Combining durability with a soft-touch touch;
  • Suitable for all major job requirements;
  • Durable.

OnePlus has also officially listed a poster. According to the official statement, the first mechanical keyboard will be unveiled on December 15. Thus, though it will be announced in mid-December, the first OnePlus mechanical keyboard will most likely be available for purchase next year. Also, we have no clue how much it will cost. But considering that OnePlus mainly designs products for the premium segment, it won’t be priced low.


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