Xiaomi’s First 10 Gigabit Router Will Be Launched On December 1

Xiaomi AX9000

In a couple of days, Xiaomi will host a new product launch and take wraps off many new products. Among them, we can mention the Xiaomi Mi 13 series of annual flagship phones, the Xiaomi Buds 4 TWS earphones, the new Xiaomi Watch S2, and many more. We have talked about the mentioned products. But surprisingly, there will be some others that will surely catch our eyes. For instance, from the poster, we can see that Xiaomi will release three desktop products.

According to the official introduction, they will boast of a fast network, Xiaomi’s high-performance desktop productivity, etc.

Xiaomi 10 gigabit router

A closer look at the poster shows that those products are a router, a NUC (microcomputer), and a smart speaker. By the way, if believing the rumors, the router should be Xiaomi’s first 10 Gigabit router.

From the poster, we can also see that the router is similar in shape to the current strongest Xiaomi router AX9000. Thus, it has a so-called horizontal design with a polygonal body and very thick antennas around it. We guess the new Xiaomi router will come with 4-5 antennas.

Currently, Xiaomi’s strongest router is the Xiaomi AX9000. The latter can provide a triple-band Wi-Fi6 enhanced version experience. According to official data, this router has a total rate of 9000Mbps, of which the maximum rate of the 2.4G frequency band is 1148Mbps, the maximum rate of the 5G frequency band is 2402Mbps, and the maximum rate of the 5G gaming frequency band is 4804Mbps. In total, it is 8354Mbps. The combined rate of the two frequency bands of the AIoT antenna with dual-band design is 600Mbps.

Another major feature of the AX9000 is that both 5G frequency bands use 4X4 antennas. So there is no difference in which one is used, it can still provide a full wireless network.

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