Chinese company released a smart helmet that can make SOS calls in case of emergency

For riders, a safe and suitable helmet is very important. Today, one of the Chinese tech companies released a smart helmet. Apart from the built-in Bluetooth headset in the previous version, this has a very useful upgrade.

The new smart helmet still supports voice commands. It’s mainly designed for takeaway riders, who can use various voice commands to get informed about new orders and get useful information about the orders’ addresses and other operations. As you understand, during these operations, the rider wouldn’t have to take out their smartphones during riding, adding extra security.

smart helmet

At the same time, the helmet also integrates a series of sensors, such as an air pressure sensor and a gravity sensor. They can detect whether the rider has a car accident or collision. When the rider’s posture changes significantly and exceeds the set threshold, it activates the emergency SOS mode automatically.

Also, the smart helmet will confirm the safety status of the rider through voice. If there is no response from the rider, it will automatically call the emergency contact and send the rider’s position via text message.

Does this function feel a little familiar? Its overall operating principle is identical to Apple’s iPhone 14, and the Apple Watch Ultra released recently. It uses sensors to identify the possibility of a car accident; if there is no response, it will automatically contact emergency services.

In addition, this helmet also complies with the Chinese GB811-2010 standard. The indicators such as stiffness, stability, penetration resistance, and impact energy absorption have passed the safety test, and the comprehensive standby time is more than 20 hours.

It supports IPX5 waterproof and above and can be used safely on general rainy days.

This is not the first product of its type. However, it seems that this smart helmet combines many useful features into one.

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