MediaTek Releases The World’s Most Powerful Mobile Chip, Dimensity 9200

Following the schedule, today, the Taiwanese chip maker released its next-gen flagship mobile chip called the MediaTek Dimensity 9200. Starting from the Dimensity 9000+, this company can make competition with Qualcomm. So expectations from this SoC are too high. Let’s see what parameters it comes with to compare it with the upcoming Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 once it is out.

MediaTek Dimensity 9200

Dimensity 9200 Key Advantages

The Dimensity 9200 is said to come with 9 world premieres. They include:

  1. the first TSMC second-generation 4nm process technology,
  2. the first second-generation Armv9 architecture,
  3. the first ultra-large core Cortex-X3 at 3.05GHz,
  4. the first pure 64-bit large Core CPU,
  5. the first Immortalis-G715 hardware ray tracing GPU,
  6. the first Wi-Fi 7 modem,
  7. the first LPDDR5X 8533Mbps memory,
  8. the first RGBW ISP,
  9. the first multi-loop queue technology to accelerate UFS4.0.

Overall Performance

As for the CPU architecture, the Dimensity 9200 integrates 1 Cortex-X3 with a frequency of 3.05GHz, 3 large Cortex-A715 cores with a frequency of 2.85GHz, and 4 small Cortex-A510 cores with a frequency of 1.8GHz. All performance cores support pure 64-bit applications.

Compared with the previous generation of Dimensity 9000’s GeekBench 5.0 scores, the single-core performance is increased by 12%+, the multi-core increase is 10%+, and the cold start speed of mainstream applications is increased by about 10%. As for power consumption, the peak performance power consumption of the CPU is reduced by 25%, and the daily power consumption can be reduced by 70%.

MediaTek Dimensity 9200

This is the first chip to integrate the Immortalis-G715 GPU. The latter comes with up to 11 cores and supports Vulkan 1.3, hardware ray tracing acceleration, variable frame rate rendering, and other technologies. The rest of the performance advantages include 3 times the triangle generation ability, 2 times the AI ​​computing power, and 2 times the FP16 hybrid computing power. In effect, the performance is 32% higher than the current Dimensity 9000; the power consumption is reduced by 41%, and during gaming, it can reduce the power consumption by up to 56%.

The company has also specifically customized the chip for concrete games. Say, when playing “Dark Zone Breakout” and “Honor of Kings”, the chip can achieve the ultimate picture quality and run at 120 full frames for 1 hour.

Finally, the Dimensity 9200 can exceed 1.26 million points in AnTuTu V9. This is the highest score for the time being.

Other Aspects

Regarding imaging, our protagonist comes with the Imagiq 890 image processor. This is the world’s first to support RGBW sensors. The chip also supports the APU 690 intelligent image semantic segmentation technology and AI dual-track capture.

In other aspects, the chip integrates a sixth-generation AI processor. The latter improves performance by 98% and reduces power consumption by 15%; multi-loop queue technology accelerates UFS 4.0, increasing the read and write speed by up to 50% under 8 cores and 8 channels.

MediaTek Dimensity 9200

This is also a beast in terms of connectivity. The chip support new dual-pass 5G technology, Wi-Fi 7 wireless connection (the theoretical peak network transmission rate can reach 6.5Gbps), and a new generation of Bluetooth LE Audio. This is the first to support 24bit/192KHz high-definition audio codec and fully cover global satellite signals.

The chip comes with a MiraVision 890 mobile display technology, supports full-scene high-quality HDR display, Full HD+ resolution 240Hz refresh rate, WQHD resolution 144Hz refresh rate, and 5K (2.5K×2) resolution at 60Hz adaptive refresh rate technology reduces power consumption 35%, etc.

Finally, onboard the first terminals, this chip will appear on the market by the end of 2022. The first series of smartphones to come with it is the VIVO X90. However, OPPO said it would be the first to carry this chip.

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