Nintendo Switch Pro Coming Soon

Switch Pro

Gaming consoles have always been considered well-selling products. But what happened in 2020 is something from another planet. We mean that during the pandemic, when people were locked down in their houses, the best thing they could do was to play games. In effect, the sales of game consoles surged. However, the factories were not working. And after a short period of time, a chip shortage problem occurred. It touched all segments. The gaming industry was no exception. Until today, it didn’t recover yet. But this doesn’t mean the manufacturer shouldn’t work on new models. For instance, the current Switch was released five years ago. That’s why many fans are eagerly waiting for the next-gen model.

The Nintendo Switch Pro is said to be the successor of the current version. Recently, we heard some news from a developer of a Nintendo subsidiary. The news comes from one of the developers of the well-known game “Pokémon” series, which belongs to Creatures of The Pokémon Company.

Switch Pro

In one of its job titles, the company mentioned “next-gen hardware.” Now, they are looking for someone for “next-gen hardware research and development.” Although there is no more information about this hardware at present, the mentioned phrase has been sufficient to talk about the next-gen Switch.

Yesterday, GizChina published an interesting article revealing everything we know about the upcoming Switch Pro. For instance, from the mentioned source, we can learn that the upcoming game console will use a better Tegra processor. Apart from this, the manufacturer might use the DLSS technology allowing for higher resolutions while the GPU keeps generating 720p graphics. As a reference, the current Nintendo Switch features an NVIDIA Tegra X1 processor, a 720p display, and 32 GB storage. After the latest update, the battery reached up to 9 hours. So we expect the new version will have a longer autonomy.

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