Huawei Smart Screen V Brings New Technology: 720P quasi-4K

When Huawei entered the smart TV niche, it called its products Smart Screen. Today, the company launched a new generation of the Huawei Smart Screen V series. The latter brings an upgraded computing image quality technology, making 720P quasi-4K.

Huawei Smart Screen V

The new generation of Huawei Smart Screen V has an upgraded configuration. Inside, it hosts an octa-core CPU, a 6-core GPU, 4T NPU, as well as 6GB of memory and 64GB of flash storage. At the same time, the TV supports a 120Hz high-speed refresh rate.

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Though in terms of hardware, this TV is very powerful, the selling point of the series is the enhanced computing image quality technology. The latter makes 720P quasi-4K. In effect, the picture is clearer. It also adopts the direct-type matrix partition backlight technology. The clear light control algorithm enriches the details of the dynamic picture and faithfully restores the creative intention of the film and television works.

Huawei Smart Screen V

The Huawei Smart Screen V should have a good audio performance as a high-end smart TV. Our protagonist adopts the joint design of HUAWEI SOUND smart audio and Devialet. It comes with a three-way 6-unit audio and a 50W rated power.

Huawei Smart Screen V

In terms of software, the Huawei Smart Screen V runs HarmonyOS 3. The latter brings a super desktop feature, which allows users to play mobile applications on a large screen. Another interesting system feature is the super terminal, which supports seamless cross-device cooperation. The super screen allows users to cast the content in a very comfortable way. Generally, there are tons of amazing features coming our way from Huawei’s own-made operating system.

Huawei Smart Screen V

As for the price, the 65-inch version of the Huawei Smart Screen V costs 7,999 yuan ($1097), whereas the 75-inch is priced at 12,999 yuan ($1783). Both will start sales today.

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