5.5G With 10Gbps Downlink To Be Commercialized In 2024


Recently, Alex Sinclair, GSMA CTO said that 5.5G should enter the commercial stage in 2024. He added that the current mobile communication networks last around 10 years before the next generation comes. In the fifth year of every decade, there is a milestone. In this sense, we should recall the previous 2.5G, 3.5G, and 4.5G that brought significant performance enhancements and network management efficiency. So the next-gen 5.5G will be no exception.

There are three main indicators to measure the quality of mobile communication networks. They are upload and download speed, coverage, and delay. In this regard, spectrum is believed to be a very important aspect in the development stage of 5.5G.

What is 5.5G?

As for the mentioned characteristics, 5.5G should boast 10Gbps of download speed, 100 billion connections, and other features that will become the digital economy’s backbone. A Huawei executive said that 10Gbps of download speed and 1ms delay would build a bridge between the virtual and real worlds. They will enable the scale development of future industries and platforms.

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5.5G, the next-gen mobile communication networks, IoT, and other advanced technologies will make Industry 4.0 more real than it could be. Due to these technologies, factories and firms will provide much higher efficiency and better performance.


Of course, the road to 6G passes through 5.5G. We mean it is considered an intermediate phase of development. But it still is a very important milestone. It will continue to innovate and enhance the connection capability and will eventually achieve 10Gbps of download speed and 1Gbps of upload speed. These numbers hint at major changes in our daily life. With 5G, IoT and many advanced technologies developed quickly. With 5.5G and 6G, this development pace will also increase.

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