Xiaomi Outdoor Camera CW400 Launched At 279 yuan ($39)

Xiaomi Outdoor Camera CW400

There was a time when Xiaomi was launching IP camera products nearly every day. Then, it slowed down the pace of releasing new products in this niche. Fortunately, the company is still interested in the segment and released a new model, the Xiaomi Outdoor Camera CW400, with a pre-sale price of 279 yuan ($39).

Xiaomi Outdoor Camera CW400

The Xiaomi Outdoor Camera CW400 comes with very powerful hardware. For instance, it sports a 4-megapixel sensor with an F/1.6 aperture. It can achieve 2.5K ultra-clear image quality with a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels.

Apart from this, it adopts a built-in dual-antenna design. The latter ensures the stability of long-distance transmission of the camera network. Simply put, this camera has a longer transmission distance and a stronger penetration.

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At the same time, the Xiaomi outdoor camera has two built-in infrared sensors and two white fill light sensors. So, in a low-light environment, it still can provide full-color night vision. Thus, unlike many competitors, the Xiaomi Outdoor Camera CW400 will display color images in a weak light environment.

In addition, the product adopts a dual-head design, with a horizontal viewing angle of 360° and a vertical viewing angle of 160°. Thus, with a single camera, you can monitor the entire perimeter.

Xiaomi Outdoor Camera CW400

As for the rest of the noteworthy features, our protagonist has an IP66 rating, which means it is dustproof and waterproof. But this shouldn’t be surprising because we are dealing with an outdoor camera that should withstand rain, wind, and other challenges.

It supports intelligent noise reduction and two-way communication options. Moreover, the camera will catch the sound within 15 meters and record it. The AI algorithm will detect humans and act correspondingly. Lastly, it supports time-lapse photography and local and dual cloud storage.

Xiaomi Outdoor Camera CW400

This camera supports remote viewing on mobile phones, tablet computers, Xiaoai touchscreen speakers, and Xiaomi TV and supports multiple installation methods.

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