Mijia multi-function flashlight has 1000 lumens of brightness

Mijia multi-function flashlight

Some products make people wow, and some products are made ideally, but because of their category and positioning, they can’t have any impact on the customers. Probably, flashlights are the best example of the latter. Recently, our favorite Xiaomi-related brand launched a new product for this category. The Mijia multi-function flashlight had a crowdfunding price of 169 yuan ($23). Thus, it costs a penny, but its usefulness reaches the ceiling. For instance, it boasts 1000 lumens of brightness, and it has everything from cutting seat belts, and breaking windows, to SOS.

Mijia multi-function flashlight

The Mijia multifunctional flashlight adopts a rotating slide rail design. It supports 107° wide-angle rotation adjustment as well as magnetic fixation. It can arbitrarily adsorb iron and nickel metal surfaces such as cars and brackets.

As said above, the Mijia multi-function flashlight has a strong light of 1000 lumens. But there is a three-speed brightness adjustment of high, medium, and low. In the high mode, its illumination distance can reach up to 240 meters. We also have to mention that the lamp head supports telescopic focusing.

In addition, the Mijia multi-function flashlight can turn on the emergency light source with a single button push. There are various light modes – red light / fog light flashing, penetrating fog, and emergency warning.

Mijia multi-function flashlight

As a multi-function flashlight, the new product has a built-in seat belt cutter and pop-up window breaker. In case of emergency, car owners can use the flashlight to cut the vehicle seat belt or break the window.

One of the most important features of any flashlight is the battery. In this regard, the Mijia multi-function flashlight has a built-in 3100mAh lithium battery with an endurance of 90 hours. There is a two-color indicator that clearly shows the remaining power. The battery is charged through the Type-C interface.

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