Nothing Ear (1) Wireless Headphones Will Cost 50% More

Nothing Ear (1)

Usually, when a product approaches the end of its lifecycle, the manufacturer reduces the price in order to sell the remaining inventory and free space for the follow-up models. But this is not the case with the Nothing Ear (1) wireless headphones. It’s been on the market long ago. But now, the company increases its price by 50%.

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Nothing CEO Carl Pei announced via Twitter that the Nothing Ear (1) wireless earphones will retail for $149 starting October 26. He also said that Ear (1) was a “completely different product” than when it launched. Currently, the headphones have managed to sell over 600,000 units worldwide.

Carl Pei justified the price increase with increased development efforts, including hiring more than 180 engineers to work on Nothing after the Ear (1) wireless headset was launched. Rising inflation levels and a weaker pound may also have affected the pricing strategy of Nothing Ear (1) wireless earphones.

The Nothing Ear (1) wireless headset was out in July 2021. The product adopts an in-ear design. Half of the headset shell is fully transparent. So the internal noise-canceling microphone, filter, and PCBA can be clearly seen. The earphone weighs only 4.7g per ear. It comes with an 11.6mm large-diameter moving coil unit and has a large front and rear sound cavity to ensure excellent high-frequency, mid-frequency, and low-frequency sound quality. The charging box of this headset is also fully transparent. So such an approach makes the headphones very unique and delicate. Other than that, it supports wireless charging. The intermediate circuit and battery pack are encased, and the headphone stem has two charging contacts.

Nothing Ear (1)

In terms of battery life, the headset can last for 5.7 hours when the noise reduction is off. With the charging box, it can last up to 34 hours. With active noise cancellation turned on, the single earbud can last 4 hours, while with the charging box, it will reach 24 hours.

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