Huawei Smart Door Lock Golden Version Released

Huawei smart door lock golden version

Though Huawei is not considered a smart home appliances manufacturer, it has a respectable list of such products. In April this year, the China-based first-tier firm launched the first HarmonyOS smart door lock, the only smart door lock in the industry with a financial-grade security architecture. The industry’s only smart door lock product has passed dual certification from authoritative security agencies. But it had only one colorway – black. Today, the company introduced a more appealing version in gold. But you should also know that the new product costs 300 yuan more. The Huawei door lock in gold will be available for purchase starting tomorrow. The standard version costs 2799 yuan ($387), and the Pro version is 3999 yuan ($553).

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The Huawei smart door lock has a level 3 fingerprint recognition rate. Also, it comes with some AI capabilities. So our protagonist can easily deal with the three major fingerprint blur problems of the elderly, children, and wet hands.

In addition to fingerprint unlocking, it can also lock/unlock the door through Huawei smartphones and watches, supports one-touch unlocking, encrypted NFC card unlocking, password/virtual password/remote temporary password, mechanical key unlocking, and other unlocking methods.

Huawei smart door lock golden version

As said, it’s the world’s first smart door lock with HarmonyOS onboard. This means if you own a Huawei product (smartphone or a smartwatch), the unlocking, getting notifications, and other operations will be implemented more smoothly.

Through the Huawei Smart Life app, you can communicate with visitors in a convenient and timely manner. Plus, you will get various notifications, short videos, and photos on your phone through the app.

Regarding battery life, Huawei’s smart door lock comes with two batteries. In total, its capacity is 8800mAh. So when discharged, you can recharge it or use 4 AA batteries as the power supply for basic functions.

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