Google Pixel Tablet, Pixel 7 / Pro, and Pixel Watch Specs We Know

Google Pixel Watch

Almost all major tech companies have announced their annual products for the second half of the year. Only Google is left. Today, we got tons of information concerning the forthcoming Google Tablet, the Pixel 7 series of smartphones, and the Pixel Watch. However, let’s talk about them in turn.

Google Pixel Tablet

Google has previously announced that it would release the Pixel tablet in 2023. Also, we know that the latter will come with the Google Tensor chip.

Google Pixel Tablet

According to 91mobiles, developer Kuba Wojciechowski said that the Google Pixel tablet had entered the EVT (Engineering Verification Phase). This simply means that the Google Pixel tablet has completed the prototype design stage. After passing engineering verification, Google’s next step should be to start mass production of Pixel tablets.

As the developer said, the Google Pixel tablet would provide two storage specifications, 128GB and 256GB. Also, the product will sport a 10.95-inch screen and support Wi-Fi 6 wireless networks. At the same time, he found that the Google Pixel tablet would support the USI stylus.

Much earlier, a Google tablet code-named Tangor appeared on the USI website. Thus, the developer’s information is in line with the listing.

Google Pixel Tablet Google Pixel Tablet Google Pixel Tablet

[USI is an organization that maintains a standard specification for interoperable styluses, ensuring that styluses work on various touchscreen devices, including smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Google has been a member of USI since 2018 and has added support for USI to Chrome OS.]

From the same source, we have previously heard that the Google Pixel tablet will come with two 8-megapixel Sony IMX355 sensors, one in front and one on the back. The tablet will support 4K recording, slow motion, and other functions.

However, there will be a shortcoming, that is, the lack of proximity sensors and barometer sensors. Thus, there won’t be many scenarios you can use this tablet in.

In June, 9to5Google reported that the Google Pixel tablet would have several metal contacts on the back. So users can place the tablet on a special base called “Google Dock” to use the tablet at home better.

Google Pixel 7 / Pro

Generally, all these products are scheduled to be officially uncovered at an event hosted on October 6. Apart from the tablet we talked about above, Google will also release the Pixel 7 / Pro series and a variety of new accessories.

Google Pixel 7

A Twitter user @ArtemR said that the backstage data of an e-commerce platform, Target shows that the Google Pixel 7 code-named “Panther” is priced at $599. The phone has various color variants – “snow (white)”, “Obsidian (black)”, and “Lemongrass (green).” The Google Pixel 7 Pro phone, code-named “Cheetah,” is priced at $899 and comes in three colors: “Obsidian (Black)”, “Hazel,” and “Snow (White).” Compared with last year’s Google Pixel 6 series phones, the starting price of Google’s Pixel 7 / Pro phones has not changed.

From previous leaks, Google’s Pixel 7 / Pro series will sport the in-house made Tensor G2 processor. The Pixel 7 Pro has already managed to appear on the GeekBench. Its CPU scored 1068 in the single-core test and 3149 in the multi-core test. As a reference, the previous-generation Pixel 6 Pro’s CPU score was around 1050 in the single-core test and around 2750 in the multi-core test. So the improvement is not significant.

We already know what camera these phones will come with. The Pixel 7 and the Pixel 7 Pro will use the 11MP Samsung 3J1 as the front sensor, the same Samsung GN1 main sensor, and the Sony IMX381 ultra-wide angle as the previous generation. The difference is that this year’s Pro model telephoto sensor has been changed to Samsung GM1.

Currently, the Google Pixel 7/ Pro has passed FCC certification. From there, we learned that they would come with support for Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth, and NFC.

Google Pixel Watch

During the Google I/O keynote speech in May, Google talked about various products, including the Pixel Watch. Today, Google released a promo video for the smartwatch.

As you can see from the video, the Pixel Watch will feature a solid crown, light green, black, and light purple straps, at the same time, coming in various colors of silver, brass, and black. Of course, it has a quick-release design. So you can buy third-party straps and replace them yourself.

Since the Pixel Watch video doesn’t show the back of the smartwatch, we have no clue what sensors it will come with. But we can surely say that the watch will have a Corning Gorilla Glass covering.

The previous rumors said that the Pixel Watch’s LTE-enabled version would cost $399 in the US. In the European market, the standard version without LTE (only Wi-Fi + Bluetooth) will cost between 250 euros and 350 euros.

Google Pixel Watch

Finally, we know that the watch will sport Samsung’s Exynos 9110 SoC, which is a 2018 processor supplemented by a Cortex-M33 co-processor. It will be accompanied by 1.5GB or 2GB of memory and 32GB of storage. The battery capacity will be 300mAh, and it will run Wear OS out of the box.

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