LG Rollable Appears In Another Hands-On Video

LG recently released the unique and attractive dual-screen LG Wing phone, and is on track to release the world’s first rollable phone – named LG Rollable. But the LG Rollable ended up frozen in late development, none of it sold, and all we’re left with are leaks and rumors about it. Plus the knowledge of the fact that this phone is almost complete and just around the corner. So close!

However, recently, a Korean Youtuber has found a nearly complete LG Rollable device, he claims that he can borrow from LG employees to watch the following video:

LG Rollable Phone that was not actually launched

In this clip, we can see the LG Rollable from the box. It can be seen that the package has an attractive design that pulls out on the sides like the concept of a roll-screen smartphone that can stretch the screen to the sides.

Personally, the smartphone itself can use the roll screen feature quite completely. Both expanding from 6.8″ to 7.4″ screen by using 3 fingers to swipe to the right, we can see that the UI works seamlessly on both the main page and the Settings page.

LG Rollable Hands-On Video

The screen aspect ratio of the LG Rollable when fully expanded is 1.5:1, which makes it possible to view video content more vividly.

Or use the screen behind the Widget for quick access. Use the rolled-up screen for selfies with the rear camera etc.

The camera of the LG Rollable is available both when the screen is not extended or the dual main camera on the back.

The mechanism to roll the screen looks strong when you have to stretch or shrink the screen in and out. We can see that it can be done smoothly. There is no jam from the clip.

The buttons around the machine will be touched instead. to increase the versatility of use Should be tapping down to the button instead of pressing down like a normal smartphone.

As for the specifications of the LG Rollable, this device will come with Snapdragon 888 chipset, 12GB RAM, 256GB storage, 64MP + 12MP dual rear cameras, 4500mAh battery capacity, a weight of 285 grams.

Overall, it is considered to be quite a shape for this LG Rollable model. To say that it can be used in real life, it would not be wrong. But as I said, LG has already folded this project. It’s really a shame that we won’t actually be able to see an innovative smartphone like this on the market.

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