iPhone 14 Pro Crash Detection Feature Tested by an YouTuber (Video)

iPhone 14 Pro Crash Detection

One of the upgrades on the iPhone 14 series compared to the previous iPhone 13 is the Crash Detection traffic collision detection feature. So does the Crash Detection feature work well in a real-life situation? YouTube channel TechRax made a shot of driving a remote-controlled car that is repeatedly crashing to verify if the collision detection of iPhone 14 Pro is working as well as Apple’s recommendation.

How did he perform this crash detection feature test of the iPhone 14 Pro?

iPhone 14 Pro Crash Detection

The YouTuber used an iPhone 14 Pro to test the feature. Several used cars were placed in a field, and the phone was taped to the headrest of another car, on the left seat. No one was involved in this “accident”, however, the car accelerating towards the obstacles on its own.

The shock was not exactly strong, but after about 10 seconds of waiting the Crash Detection function was activated automatically. If we do not disable the option, a timer will be displayed on the screen for 10 seconds, after which the phone will automatically contact emergency services.

The YouTuber is known for his extreme content, so he continued to experiment with the feature, causing a more serious “accident.” As expected though, the phone was able to recognize the impact and the Crash Detection option was enabled.

I remind you that Apple uses a combination of accelerometer, barometer, and other sensors to detect accidents. Algorithms have been trained with more than 1 million data taken from drivers, driving sessions, and accidents, so iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max phones and Apple smartwatches can accurately identify car accidents.

However, it is worth mentioning that it is not a new Apple brand. Certain Pixel phones already offer this, and the feature will be coming to other devices soon.

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