Tesla’s Humanoid Robot Optimus Might Debut On September 30

Tesla humanoid robot

In early summer, we learned from Elon Musk’s tweet that the second Tesla AI Day event was postponed to September 30. At the event, we might see a prototype of Tesla’s humanoid robot called Optimus.

Today, Musk said via Twitter that all cars in the United States and Canada with a safety score of more than 80 would receive an invitation to download FSD Beta by tomorrow. Moreover, when some users asked various questions, Musk said that Tesla’s autopilot/artificial intelligence team is working on the humanoid robot Optimus and the summoning/autonomous parking function. Deadlines for all projects are at the end of this month. Thus, we have more reasons to think that Tesla will show an Optimus prototype at the second Tesla AI Day event.

Musk has previously revealed that the humanoid robot Optimus will operate using eight cameras identical to the autopilot system. Also, it will have a screen on its head to make interaction with people easier. According to the company’s plans, the humanoid robot Optimus should go into mass production in a year or two. As for its price, the robot should cost less than a car. This makes us think that its price will be around $25,000.

On August 4, at the Tesla shareholder meeting, Musk said that in the long run, the Optimus robots will be more valuable than cars and will completely change the economy. Musk has previously said that Optimus can basically do anything humans don’t want to do, such as perform some dangerous, repetitive, or boring work. What’s more interesting, we will be able to download our brain capacity into these robots.

Xiaomi CyberOne

Generally, humanoid robots are in the spotlight now. Even Xiaomi has demonstrated its own humanoid robot called the CyberOne. So soon, they will become full-fledged society members.

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