Xiaomi Launched New Smart Door Lock That Supports 7 Unlocking Methods

Xiaomi smart door lock

Today, following the schedule, Xiaomi launched a new smart door lock through its crowdfunding platform, Youpin. The new product supports up to 7 unlocking methods. The pre-sale price is only 1399 yuan ($200). This is unheard of for a product from this category. Of course, there are many smart door lock products on the market, but most of them are low-end products. This one belongs to the high-end category, but the price is from a lower category.

Xiaomi smart door lock

The Xiaomi automatic smart door lock is made of high-strength alloy material, using precision CNC technology. The corners are rounded, and it integrates a black panel. Due to the electrophoretic spraying, it is not easy to fall off the paint.

This smart door lock comes with an innovative linear power system composed of the linear driving force, planetary gear deceleration, micro-motor power, state perception, and other components. The small current linearly drives the lock tongue, allowing it to expand and contract automatically.

At the same time, the door lock supports seven unlocking methods. They include fingerprint unlocking, password unlocking, temporary password, NFC unlocking, mobile phone Bluetooth unlocking, Homekit unlocking, and emergency key unlocking. Thus, the product offers various types of unlocking that are suitable for different scenarios.

In terms of interconnection, this door lock supports the intelligent linkage of Xiaomi IoT and Homekit. So once it becomes part of the smart home system, it will operate independently. Say, when you open the door, the lights will be turned on, the curtains will be closed, and it will welcome you through the Xiaomi smart speaker.

Xiaomi smart door lock

In terms of battery life, the Xiaomi automatic smart door lock has an ultra-long battery life of 12 months. It can be used for one year only by placing 8 AA batteries. In an emergency, it can also be powered by the Type-C interface.

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