Meizu Pandaer Released “Platinum Unicorn Cyber Speaker” and “Platinum Starship Headphones”

Once Meizu was considered one of the best smartphone OEMs in China and the world. However, the competition in this field is too fierce and requires good breath. It seems Meizu couldn’t challenge other brands. Now, it’s been switched to consumer electronics, smart home appliances, health, and sports products, etc. In this sense, its Pandaer series is very popular in the local market. Today, under this lineup, the company launched two audio products, namely “Platinum Unicorn Cyber ​​Speaker” and “Platinum Starship Headphones.”

Platinum Unicorn Cyber Speaker

The Platinum unicorn cyber speaker adopts an all-metal mecha-style body, which comes with a stunning combination of white and gold. In fact, it’s full of cyber and fun.

Regarding sound quality, the speaker is jointly tuned by Meizu and Elvis. It adopts Elvis special research full-frequency ultra-thin sounding unit, two 48mm 10W speakers, and has a passive diaphragm sensing technology to make the bass more shocking.

Platinum Unicorn Cyber Speaker

Through the exclusive algorithm and a chip, the speaker can emit a shocking and surging sound while having super bass. Due to the Elvis’ exclusive acoustic technology, its midrange levels are full, and the treble is more delicate.

In terms of connectivity and interfaces, this speaker supports four connection modes: Bluetooth 5.0, TWS series connection, LL low latency, and AUX. You can use the low latency mode to play games, pair two devices in series, or use the standard Type-C to 3.5mm audio cable to connect to the computer.

Platinum Unicorn Cyber Speaker

As said above, apart from the Platinum Unicorn Cyber ​​Speaker, Meizu Pandaer also released the Platinum star boat headset. The latter boasts a 12mm moving coil unit with a composite titanium membrane. These headphones also support Bluetooth 5.2, 20 hours of battery life, ENC call noise reduction, and IPX4 waterproof rating.

Platinum Starship Headphones

In terms of price, the Platinum unicorn cyber speaker is priced at 1199 yuan ($173), and the platinum star boat headset is priced at 399 yuan ($58).


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