iPhone 14 Pro Models accounted for about 85% of orders

iPhone 14 Pro Max

On September 7, the Cupertino-based company took wraps off its latest iPhone 14 series. The latter is a buzzword, and it seems there has been nothing better in Apple’s iPhone history. Well, not all models of this generation are mind-blowing. But the Pro iPhones stand out. They come with not only the Apple A16 Bionic chip but also a much better camera of 48 megapixels and many more. By the way, the latter realizes 4 trillion operations per photo to reproduce as natural colors as possible. So even before their official launch, it wasn’t difficult to predict that they would sell like hotcakes.

Today, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo released the latest survey report on offline pre-orders of Apple’s iPhone 14 series. (Before we move on, you should know that these days the Apple official website and the app have frequently been crushing, not allowing the customers to place their orders. When everything went back to normal, the customers saw that their orders wouldn’t arrive earlier than October. Moreover, in China, the situation is even worse. The Chinese buyers have to way until November.)

According to the survey, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max in China accounted for about 85% of the order allocation, and the iPhone 14 Plus accounted for the lowest order allocation at about 5%.

iPhone 14 Pro Max

Pre-orders for Apple’s high-end products are always more popular in the first days. Judging from this survey, the proportion of orders for Pro models this year is higher than that of previous years, which reflects changes in Apple’s product segmentation strategy. We mean only the Pro iPhones will receive major updates.

Generally, there are four models – the vanilla version, the iPhone 14 Plus, and two Pro models. From the names, it’s obvious that the Plus model is the larger-screen version of the standard edition. But the Pro iPhones come with the A16 chip, which is considered a game changer.

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