LeTV Will Launch High-end Smartphone To Challenge iPhone 14

LeTV LeEco phone

Many have been thinking that gone are those days when we were waiting for new amazing smartphones from a Chinese brand known as LeTV. Yes, this is the same company that launched a number of smartphones that didn’t yield top brands but were offered at lower prices. Yesterday, the Cupertino-based Apple launched the new iPhone 14 series with unbelievable features. We mean the Pro iPhones have been on everyone’s lips for 24 hours, at least. But agree that not everyone can afford phones from the premiums segment. In this regard, we are happy to inform you that LeEco is going to resume its smartphone business and launch new mobile phones.

Though this brand has been focusing on low-end models only, LeEco announced that the next mobile phone will focus on the mid-to-high-end market. Thus, we are talking about the first mainstream mobile phone after LeEco’s return.

The company has officially stated that the upcoming handset will use a curved screen design with a 2K-level resolution. Also, there will be a built-in battery of more than 5000mAh capacity. The latter will support extremely fast charging.

In terms of performance, the new LeEco phone will sport a MediaTek chip. If it is the Dimensity 8000/9000 series, the performance will be very impressive. On the back, the handset is assumed to house a 64-megapixel ultra-clear main camera.

Dimensity 9000

Why we talked about the iPhone 14 is that the LeTV smartphone’s parameters hint that it would challenge any premium handset but cost a few times less.

However, if it comes with chips from a category lower than Dimensity 8000/9000, it may still be difficult to return to the mainstream market. But even so, we guess the brand will make a furor with its return and it should succeed like before.


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