LG MoodUP Refrigerator Sports Color Changing LED Panels

LG MoodUp

Refrigerators are more than what they used to be. Now, they can monitor products inside, and if you need something, they notify you about them. Well, we are not going to discuss what the latest refrigerators can do. Instead, we will introduce to you a new model coming our way from the Korean LG. The LG MoodUP was released today at IFA 2022. It has innovative features – color-changing LED door panels that add more fashion to the interior.

LG MoodUp

Everything is implemented through the dedicated app. You can choose from 22 colors for the upper door panel and 19 colors for the lower door panel, thereby changing the color matching of the refrigerator and the kitchen environment.

In addition, users can also set different themes to change the color of the refrigerator, including seasons, moods, locations, etc. Thus, you can make adjustments according to your mood.

In addition to the colorful colors, the new LG MoodUp refrigerator also has a built-in Bluetooth speaker. You can connect it to smartphones, tablets, and other devices to play your favorite music. At the same time, MoodUP’s LED panels can continuously change color in sync with the music, adding more fun to the kitchen.

Apart from this, our protagonist comes with a few interesting, useful and smart features. For instance, then the refrigerator’s door sensor detects that the refrigerator compartment has been opened for too long, the door panel will flash repeatedly. This will help the users to know it’s open and close it. When MoodUP’s motion sensors detect someone approaching, the door panel will flash a welcome.

In addition, the LG MoodUP also has a built-in On-Device AI chip developed by LG. The latter enables the refrigerator to upgrade functions such as voice recognition and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections, thereby improving user experience.


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