Samsung Might Launch Nubia Alphe-Like Wrist Phone

Once the flexible screen technology matured, a new niche emerged, folding screen smartphones. Currently, several top brands are struggling with each other in this segment. However, the story doesn’t end here because those manufacturers periodically show their muscles by launching various concept phones, such as the Xiaomi MIX Alpha with a surround screen and the OPPO X 2021, a scroll-screen phone without crease.

Recently, SamMobile reported that the World Intellectual Property Office had published a patent for Samsung’s new dual-screen mobile phone. Samsung introduced a dual-screen phone through a patent. As we can see, the phone also has a screen on the back of the fuselage, similar to the Nubia X and Nubia Z20 previously released by ZTE.

Samsung patent of wrist phone

Today, another reliable source, 91mobiles showed another Samsung folding screen patent. The patent shows a display that can be folded four times. This device can reduce the footprint of the body in half by folding the screens on both sides. At the same time, the device’s hinge can be folded to a right angle, stand on the desktop, and display caller information and time. In addition, the device can be folded and worn on the wrist, similar to the Nubia Alpha wristband smartphone.

From the patent information, we can learn that the device consists of a controller, a foldable sensor unit, and a foldable display. Through sensors, the device can guarantee information display after being folded.

By the way, as you remember, the Nubia α “wrist phone” was released in Beijing in April 2019, and the black eSIM version was listed for 3499 yuan ($508). The machine uses a 4.01-inch flexible display, which not only has the calling function of a smartphone but also can be worn on the wrist and turned into a smartwatch.

So we mean that if Samsung turns this patent into a real product, it won’t be the first device on the globe.

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