iPhone SE 4 Is In Works: To Come In March 2023

iPhone SE 4

The iPhone SE doesn’t perform as well as the Pro series models. Its sales have a satisfactory rate only in select markets such as the US. That’s why there have been many rumors that the Cupertino-based company will cancel it and focus on other models. Nonetheless, today, we got news from 9to5mac claiming that the next-gen iPhone SE 4 is in the works. Though we won’t see it on September 8 along with the iPhone 14-line handsets, the phone will appear on the market in the coming months.

iPhone SE 4

Generally, the iPhone SE line doesn’t offer premium smartphones like other iPhones. If you are tight on budget but still want an iPhone, this could be a good option for you.

The current iPhone SE 3 uses almost the same shape as the iPhone 8. But it turns out that the upcoming iPhone SE 4, which Apple is currently working on, has undergone “earth-shattering” design changes. Simply put, it is a replica of the iPhone XR.

In other words, the iPhone SE 4 will cancel the front Home button and increase the display area. As there will be bangs notch, this means that our protagonist will support Face ID. But if there is a hole-punch screen, there will likely be a side-mounted fingerprint recognition module. We guess the former version has more chances to appear on the final product.

Just to keep costs down, the iPhone SE 4 may also use an LCD instead of an OLED.

The reason why Apple is making a drastic adjustment to the iPhone SE is that the iPhone SE 3 does not sell well. We understand that there are still some “old” users who like small screens and don’t have high requirements for battery capacity. But honestly, their number yields those who want better phones.

If nothing accidental, the handset will come in March next year.

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