Huawei Smart Door Lock SE Doorbell Edition Coming On Sep. 6

Huawei Smart Door Lock SE Doorbell Edition

Once you switch to a smart door lock from a traditional door lock, you will never go back and use conventional door locks. They look sci-fi, they provide much better performance, and it’s very convenient to use them. At the same time, they do not fall behind traditional door locks in terms of safety.

Huawei Smart Door Locks

Smart door locks have become very popular because they do not require to carry keys with you, they provide multiple ways to unlock, you can check the door status at any time, they notify about abormal operations, and they solve the pain points of traditional door locks. Some smart door locks also even come with a camera turning them into smart doorbells.

According to some data, 62% of customers want to buy smart door locks. Also, this is the number one smart home appliance in terms of demand. Thus, products from this category are comparable to smartwatches and smart bracelets. On the contrary, the penetration rate of smart door locks is only about 7%.

Huawei entered this field in March this year. The first product coming our way from this company runs HarmonyOS. The Huawei Smart Door Lock Pro and Huawei Smart Door Lock bring users AI 3D face recognition, linkage to other products, and financial-grade security.

Huawei Smart Door Lock SE Doorbell Edition

Today, the company announced another product from this category, namely the Huawei Smart Door Lock SE Doorbell Edition.

Judging from the promo poster, the Huawei Smart Door Lock SE Doorbell Edition comes with a handle design but it also retains the iconic features of Huawei Smart Door Lock.

Huawei Smart Door Lock SE Doorbell Edition

HarmonyOS and doorbell camera are the key differentiating features of the Huawei Smart Door Lock SE Doorbell Edition. The camera provides a 1080P high-definition image. With the exposure enhancement algorithm, it can truly restore the color even in dark light scenes.

As this door lock has doorbell functions, it’s reasonable that it will notify when someone bells the door. Through the Huawei Smart Life app, you can not only get information about what’s happening in front of your door but also interact with this product.

Fingerprint unlocking is one of the basic functions of smart door locks. But not every smart door lock’s fingerprint recognition scanner works smoothly. But this is not the case because the Huawei Smart Door Lock SE Doorbell Edition supports AI fingerprint unlocking.

Another selling point is linkage with other home appliances. It cooperates with a large number of HarmonyOS Connect smart home devices. For example, it can automatically turn on the lights when returning home, telling the cleaner to start sweeping when leaving home, etc.

Hardware and Security

In terms of hardware, Huawei’s smart door lock series adopts the flagship mobile phone homologous AI dynamic learning algorithm, the same 3D deep-sensing camera, and 1 TOPS AI computing power. There is a 3.97-inch color screen, which supports smart screen picture-in-picture. The camera has a 150° super wide-angle field of view. There is an 8800mAh lithium battery.

As for security, Huawei said that the smart door lock series has HarmonyOS TEE, security chip EAL5+ security certification, and CCRC enhanced security certification.

Huawei Smart Door Lock SE Doorbell Edition

The new door lock will be announced on September 6 at the Huawei Mate 50 conference. There is no info on price, but the SE suffix hints at a lower price than the other two.

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