BizLink launches the first 80Gbps transmission bandwidth cable

BizLink DP80

Tech companies are working not only on increasing the productivity of various digital devices but also on increasing information transfer speed. If talking about wireless technologies, the current 5G and WiFi 6E technologies provide outstanding transfer speed. But what about wired technologies? Today, TechPowerUp reported that BizLink released the world’s first VESA-certified BizLink DP80 enhanced full-size DP cable supporting 80Gbps transmission bandwidth.

BizLink DP80

From the official webpage, we can see that BizLink’s DP80 cable is certified by the latest version of DP technology and can provide a maximum data throughput of up to 80 Gbps. It is also compatible with the new data rates per channel of the following specifications: UHBR10 (10 Gbps), UHBR13.5 (13.5 Gbps), and UHBR20 (20 Gbps).

VESA previously said that cables supporting full-size DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort for the DP40 and DP80 standards are already in production. Moreover, the first monitors and other devices have passed certification testing.

  • The DP40 cable will support the UHBR10 standard (10Gbps) on four lanes for a total of 40Gbps;
  • The DP80 cable will support the UHBR20 standard (20Gbps) on four lanes for a total of 80Gbps.

The new generation of graphics cards will support the DP 2.0 interface. Intel’s entry-level model Lanji Ruixuan A380 graphics card is already equipped with a DP 2.0 interface, but it has a bandwidth of 40Gbps. At present, no display manufacturer has announced the launch of models equipped with the DP2.0 interface.

Well, as you understand, this cable will allow the monitors to get more information per second, therefore, providing much better viewing performance. It’s not only essential for gaming but also for higher-res video content. If currently, 4K is popular but not so much, be sure, in the near future, 8K will be the mainstream resolution for various online video content.

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